What Are the Odds on a White Christmas?

There will be something of a shortage of betting opportunities on Christmas Day, that is unless you decide to place a novelty type of bet on whether it will snow in some parts of the UK this year on December the 25th.

Bookies across the land have now opened up and have all made live their respective betting markets on whether it will be a white Christmas and with that in mind let me now present to you the odds available at one bookie that is offering some above average odds, that being Coral.

Two places that bookies are not taking any chances on are the Gogarbank area of Edinburgh and the Bishopton part of Glasgow  for you are going to find the odds on it snowing on Christmas Day in those two parts of the UK are the lowest ones available, and those odds are 4/1 right now.

At the other end of the country you will find odds are available on Mountbatten in Plymouth on it snowing on Christmas Day this year and those odds if you are interested in securing them are high at some 10/1.

Belfast or Dublin

You can bag odds of 6/1 if you are of the mind that it will snow this coming Christmas Day in Aldergrove in Belfast, and there is always going to be the chance it may just do of course.

Over in Southern Ireland is of course Dublin Airport, and you can also place a bet that it will snow there on Christmas Day too and by doing just that over at the Coral betting site they will give you odds of 8/1 if you do so right now that is.

Other Places it Could Snow on Christmas Day

For those of you out there that are convinced it will snow over in Crosby in Liverpool, or over in Watnall which is a part of Nottingham you will be rewarded with odds right now of 6/1 by placing a bet with Coral.

As for whether it will snow over in Coleshill in Birmingham, well we will of course have to wait and see but Coral has that part of the UK chalked up too on their snowing on Christmas Day betting market and has it on offer at odds of 7/1, and you can also bag odds of 8/1 on it snowing over in Filton in Bristol on Christmas Day too.

The final two places that the Coral betting site are offering odds on it snowing on Christmas Day are St Athan Cardiff and Heathrow London both on offer at high double-digit odds of 10/1, and do keep in mind that Coral do also have a high value sign up bonus offer you can claim by clicking through to their site by suing our website links.