Virtual Sports Betting Guide

There are all manner of weird and wonderful betting opportunities that are going to spring to life and be on offer to you when you tart betting online or via a mobile betting app, and one rather strange and novel type of sport that you may fancy betting on are what are known as Virtual Sports.

Virtual Sports are not real-life sports that are played out in the real world, for they are simply a range of virtual sporting events which are played out with the use of computer-generated graphics, and the outcome of each event is determined by a random number generator.

In fact, many people do for example call virtual greyhound and virtual horse races “cartoon races”, and that is due to the races looking like a cartoon as they are being played out, however some of the graphics used these days on any type of virtual sporting event are fairly lifelike it does have to be said.

As for just what types of virtual sports are available, well as mentioned you can bet on virtual greyhound and horse races, and also a range of additional virtual sports such as football and motor racing too, and below is a guide that will enlighten you on what betting opportunities are available and where you will be best off placing virtual sports related bets and wagers at too.

Types of Virtual Sports Bets You Can Place

As virtual sports cover all manner of different virtual events, one thing that you are going to have to very quickly get your head around is the fact that each such event is going to be offering you a range of unique betting opportunities and betting markets.

Obviously if you are betting on a  virtual race of any type whether that is a motor racing event or a greyhound or horse race then you will be able to place all of the usual bets associated with the real life versions of those races when betting on virtual sports that are similar.

But you will also come cross Virtual football matches and as such you will find you can place similar bets when betting on them as you will find on offer to you when betting on real life football matches too, and there will never be a shortage of betting opportunities on any virtual sporting event either.

  • Outright Winner Bets
  • Each-Way Bets
  • Place Betting
  • Double and Trebles
  • Straight Forecast Bets
  • Tricast Betting
  • Ante Post Betting
  • Accumulator Bets
  • Correct Score Betting
  • Half-Time Full-Time Bets

The odds never change when you are betting on virtual sports, for they are a category of sporting events on which fixed odds are attached, so it doesn’t matter when you place a bet or how much money have been bet on any aspect of a virtual event, the odds will never fluctuate as they do in the real life sporting environments.

Where to Bet on Virtual Sports

If you do decide that you would fancy giving Virtual Sports betting a try then you will find many betting shops will be offering them nonstop throughout the day, however you can of course place such bets online or on any type of mobile device too.

One bookie that is famed for always having a very good mix of different virtual sports on offer is the Ladbrokes sports betting site, and when you do visit their website you are going to be able to scroll through the list of upcoming virtual races and virtual events and see them being played out before risking any of your own money betting on them

That is in fact a very good way to get the hang of just how virtual sports betting works, and remember that as the results are generated by a random number generator every single runner in for example a virtual horse race or greyhound race has a fair chance of winning, so it is not always the favourites that romp home.

Claiming the high valued sign up welcome, bonus offer that Ladbrokes will be offering you as an added incentive to register as one of their new sports book customers is an absolute breeze and that bonus offer could enable you to get off to a winning start.

But please do ensure that you click onto any of the numerous different Ladbrokes Sportsbook links that you will see listed around us website, as each of those links will take you to their website and you will then be able to claim their sign up bonus in seconds once you log into your newly opened Ladbrokes Sportsbook betting account.

Tips for Betting on Virtual Sports

Keep in mind that some online and mobile betting site and apps will let you sample the delights of betting on virtual sports via a demo account, and as such you will be able to experience placing all manner of virtual sports bets for free and at no risk by using such an account, to allow you to decide whether you will enjoy placing such bets for real money at a later date.

Pay-Out Odds Boosters – Some bookies do tend to offer a lot of odds booster promotional offers, as do look out for them to get some very high odds on virtual races.

Choose a Bookie Wiseley – As some bookies award ongoing bonuses and loyalty type points when you place virtual sports bets with them, those are the types of bookies you should be placing such bets at.

Forecast and Tricast Betting – You can also place Straight Forecast and Tricast bets at some bookie’s sites on their virtual sports betting markets and may of them will round up the dividends for you on your winning bets.

Sensible Staking Strategy – The stakes you can place on any virtual sports event can and will vary depending on where you chose to place such bets but always pick out a betting site or app that will allow you to place bets of a value that you can comfortably afford to place.