UFC Betting Guide

This guide will be of great use to you if you are interested in betting on UFC, and when you do venture into the online or mobile betting environment you are going to be able to place a huge range of different bets in a matter of seconds.

However, as with any sports you will need to know just what range of betting opportunities are available to you and also know which bookies are the ones that are famed for offering the best odds and the fastest pay-out times too, and which ones do offer plenty of UFC related promotional betting offers too.

Therefore, please do make a point of reading through this guide to UFC betting, for by doing so any questions you may have about doing so will be answered, and I will also be passing onto you a few betting tips too.

One question about betting online or via a mobile betting app first time punters will have its it is legal and safe to do so, well as each of our featured betting sites and apps are all fully licensed and regulated and offer highly secure betting platforms and apps you can always place a bet at those sites and apps quickly, legally and securely too.

Types of UFC Bets You Can Place

If you are warming to the idea of betting on UFC matches and bouts, then you are of course going to have to have some idea of just what betting opportunities are going to be available to you, and I am pleased to let you know that you will not be disappointed with the range and types of such bets that are on offer to all online and mobile punters these days.

You can of course place the most basic of bets on any upcoming UFC match, that being a match winner and by placing such a bet you are tasked with nothing more complicated that having to name the fighter you think is going to win a match.

However, what you may often find when placing such bets is that the fighter you do fancy the chances of so going to be offered at such tiny odds that there is no true and real value to be had by backing that fighter, and as such read on to discover just what other types of UFC bets are going to be on offer to you.

  • Fight Winner
  • Points Betting
  • Method of Victory
  • Prop Bets
  • Fight to Go the Distance
  • KO/TKO Betting
  • Submission Bet
  • Judge Decision Bet
  • Over/Under Betting
  • In-Play Betting

I would also suggest that you learn more about the in-play betting opportunities that some bookies offer their customers, for those betting markets are ones that only ever will be going live once a UFC match has started and is in play, so plenty of additional betting opportunities will become live once those in-play betting markets are activated and go live too.

Where to Bet on UFC

Make sure that you so take a look at some of our newly approved betting sites, for you will find  small number of them listed, reviewed and showcased throughout this website, but each of them are run by companies you can trust and have solid management teams too.

As all of our approved betting sites are also licensed and regulated, often in more than one country of the world they will be offering you a first class betting experience whenever you give any of them a try, however if you are looking for a bookie that knows just what UFC punters are looking for then I have just the site for you.

That is the recently launched 22 Bet Sportsbook, they really have hit the ground running with their state-of-the-art online betting platform along with their highly advanced mobile betting app too and will certainly be offering you no ends of UFC betting opportunities.

It is due to the sheer number of standard and unique UFC betting markets and betting opportunities that I would advise you to take a good look over their website, and when it comes to the maximum betting value, well you will not fail to be very impressed with the odds that they are offering you.

Make sure though, that you click on any of our 22 Bet Sportsbook links, for that way if you do decide to register as a new customer of that betting site after clicking through to their site from ours, you are then able to claim a high valued sign up bonus straight away too.

Tips for Betting on UFC

You can of course use your own unique betting strategy when betting on UFC, but to finish off this guide to betting on that sport here are a few betting tips that I am sure  that plenty of you out there will be interested in making use of when you next set about betting on that ever popular spectator sport.

Round Betting Opportunities – You will be able to place a bet on just which fighter you think is going to win but in the round you think they will be declared the winner of in too, and the odds on the round betting markets do tend to be very high and appealing to punters.

Shop Around for the Best Odds – Never rush into placing a UFC bet for you should always be prepared to take as long as it will take you to compare the odds on offer at a  range of different betting sites to ensure you get the best ones possible.

Pick a Good Bookie – With so many bookies offering different things, do stick to placing bets at the bookie listed up above, who will always be giving you access to rapid winning pay-outs and some of the very highest UFC odds in the industry too.

Stick to Your Betting Limits –  Just never lose track of the fact that you can lose as well as win when betting on the sport of UFC and with that in mind always set yourself some very strict betting limits and abide by those limits that you have imposed on yourself at all times too.