Superbowl Betting Guide

The Superbowl is of course held once a year, and as far as the volumes of bets and wagers placed on that US Football event, well it is one of the biggest betting events in the American sporting calendar and most people in the USA will have an opinion as to just which team could win it each year.

However, do keep in mind that if you do fancy placing a bet on that major sporting event, then its fair and true to say that all betting shops, sportsbooks and online and mobile betting site and apps are going to be offering you a plethora of different betting opportunities upon it.

You may fancy placing a bet before the main NFL season starts and trying to world out just which of the many teams that are playing in the NFL could go on to win the Superbowl any year, and by doing so then the odds available on each team will be much higher than they will ever be ones the two teams that have made it through to the final are known.

But keep in mind all manner of additional betting opportunities will also be on offer to you, and below I will walk you through the often overwhelming environment that is the Superbowl betting world, so please read on as you are bound to find this guide to betting on the Superbowl of interest.

Types of Superbowl Bets You Can Place

There are more than enough bets and wagers that you can place on the next Superbowl, but always remember that as soon as you know which two teams have made it to the final, then there number of best you can place will be lower in number.

Therefore, if you are the type of punters that is prepared to take a few risks when betting on the Superbowl, do consider placing your bets very early, for long before the final two teams are known you will be able to bag some very high odds on each of the teams that may make it to the final.

All betting sites these days will be offering you at the very least one betting market associated with the Superbowl, but there will always be plenty of bookies and sportsbooks that are also going to be offering you plenty of unique betting markets too, so be prepared to hunt around to see just what betting opportunities are going to be on offer to you.

  • Teams in the Final
  • Match Winner
  • Under/Over
  • Long Term Betting
  • In-Play Betting
  • Player to Score
  • Correct Result
  • Handicap Betting
  • Prop Betting
  • Futures Betting

I would also like to remind you that it is not always the favourite team to win a Superbowl that does go on to win, and therein lays your very real chance of bagging some much higher odds when betting long term if you do rate and fancy the chances of any outsiders to win.

Where to Bet on Superbowl

You can place bets on the Superbowl as soon as you like, in fact most betting sites will launch their Superbowl betting markets as soon as the previous one has been played out, so you have a good year in which to pick out the teams that you think are going to win or get through to the final.

However, never risk getting short-changed when it comes to securing the very highest betting odds on major sporting events such as the Superbowl, for each bookie will of course have their own ideas of which teams will make it through to the final and which team they think is going to win that game too.

I have always found the William Hill Sportsbook does tend to offer some of the very highest possible odds on each Superbowl, and with them massively expanding their operation in the USA plenty of punters there will be placing their Superbowl bets with them through the year too.

William Hill do also offer plenty of other betting opportunities on every single sporting event you can think of and many other sporting events you may not have ever dreamed of betting on so please do spend a little bit of time looking over their website for more details as to what they will be offering you as one of their sports betting customers.

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Tips for Betting on Superbowl

You will of course always need some luck in betting no matter which sporting events you do place a bet on, and before I have put together a range of valuable betting tips that may give you some ideas as to how to set about working out just which Superbowl related bets to place online or via a mobile device when you are good and ready to do just that.

Higher Odds Betting Long Term – Stick To the long term and futures betting markets if you want to get the highest possible odds on the very next Superbowl, as that is where you are always going to find them.

Set Strict Limits – If you get too carried away when betting on the Superbowl you could lose a fortune, so set yourself a few limits and stick to them, for an enjoyable betting experience.

Consider Betting In-Play – You will be able to place bets when the Superbowl is being played out and that will add even more enjoyment to your viewing experience of that major US sporting event for sure.

Use Betting Exchanges – A betting change is where you can also find some slightly high odds than a standard online or mobile sportsbook is offering, so do checkout the leading betting exchange that being Betfair.