Still Time to Back Any Team to Win the Premier League

The odds that are available on all bar two teams playing in the Premier League to be crowned champions of that league are massive, and as such a few of you out there may fancy placing some small speculative bets on some of the outsiders.

Before I do however give you an insight into just how high the current odds are on the outsiders to win the Premier League this season, I will give you an insight into just which team are expected to take the title this season.

The first team that has been attracting all the early betting is of course Man City, and savvy punters have already been backing them off the bookies boards so to speak, and that has resulted in the odds on them being as low as just 4/6 currently.

That isn’t to say that Manchester City are going to have everything their own way for the rest of the season, for when it comes to one other team that does have a good chance of beating them, that team is Liverpool and their outright win odds to take the Premier League title this season are currently 6/4.

Bigger Odds More Risk

You may be prepared to place a range of additional bets on any of the outsiders to win the Premier League title this year and there is of course nothing stopping you from doing so, as long as you take into account the risks attached to backing any of the outsiders to win the title of course.

The teams that are next in the betting include the likes of Tottenham who can be backed at odds right now of 33/1 and then three other teams some of you out there are bound to fancy having a small speculative flutter on are Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd all available at odds of 66/1 currently.

Even Bigger Odds

A fool and his money are soon parted as the saying goes, and that saying is worth keeping in mind if you have been considering backing any other teams to win the Premier League, other than those listed dup above.

But as sure as night follows day there will always be some punters that are prepared to back the rank outsiders to win any football league, and if that is something you are about to do regarding the Premier League then here are the odds attached to all other teams.

The odds on Leicester winning the title are high at 250/1 but nowhere as near as high as the odds on offer on both Everton and West Ham who are both 500/1 and next in the betting you have the likes of both Crystal Palace and Wolves and for reference they can be backed all day long as most bookies sites at odds of 750/1.

Several teams are up of grabs and chalked up at odds of 1000/1 and they are Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Southampton and Watford and you can also back Newcastle and Norwich at 1500/1 or go for broke by backing Sheff Utd at 2000/1.