Smart Money Bets for the BDO Women’s World Trophy

One of the next major darts tournaments on the schedule is of course the BDO Women’s World Trophy and it is quite an open affair this year as always, and that does of course mean that anyone wanting to make use of the early betting markets are going to find some rather tempting odds on offer, no matter which player they do rate to do well in that annual major women’s darts tournament.

As for just which players are being backed, well I would say that support has been coming in for three players in particular, and the first player that could tempt you into backing her based on her current form and the fact her odds are decent enough is Lisa Ashton, and for reference those odds are currently around the 5/2 mark.

You then have the inform and highly experienced Mikuru Suzuki who is not going to be without plenty of support from punters this year and those of you wishing to back her early should have no difficulties being able to secure odds on her of 7/2, and then next in the betting is Fallon Sherrock who has a reasonable chance of success too and her odds right now for reference are 13/2.

Bet to Win or Bet Each-Way

As far as the main types of bets that you are going to be able to place on the standard betting markets on this darts tournament, well you can of course back any player to win the tournament outright or you could choose to place an each-way bet instead.

By you doing the latter however you are going to get offered each-way betting terms that will see the place part of your each-way bet being paid out to two places this year and also at one third of the win odds, three players that may just be worth backing each-way include Aileen de Graaf, Anastasia Dobromyslova and Deta Hedman all being offered at odds of 10/1.

Lorraine Winstanley is 12/1

There has been a tiny bit of support from very loyal fans of Lorraine Winstanley, for her win odds have dropped ever so slightly in the last few days to 12/1 and as such she may be the smart money each-way bet for this tournament.

However, it is always going to be up to you as to which player or players you do choose to back to win this tournament outright or to back them each-way and with Maria O’Brien at 18/1 and Laura Turner at 22/1 those two entrants are bound to have their own loyal fans too that are prepared to back them no matter what odds they are.

As for some of the darts players that are going to be involved in this tournament that are not being backed in any great numbers well they do of course include the current 25/1 shots those being Casey Gallagher, Corrine Hammond, Paula Jacklin and Trina Gulliver and then you have the out of form Sharon Prins who is a 33/1 chance on most bookies betting markets.