Scottish Premiership 2019-2020 Early Betting

Value hunters who always be swarming around the early betting markets on any football league, and the Scottish Premiership is one such league that many punters do enjoy betting on, and right now you are going to find lots of bookies offering you early odds on each team playing in that league.

You can of course choose to wait until the season starts in August, and wait until several matches have been played off before picking the team you think is likely to be crowned the champion team in that league, however the early betting markets are often where the very best odds can be found.

Keep in mind there are two teams in the Scottish Premiership that have mastered the art of winning that league over the years, and the first team is of course Celtic, and having taken a look around several of our featured bookies, the best early odds that are available right now are 1/3 on them winning the title at the end of the season!

Those odds will of course get much lower as the season progresses is Celtic do win match after match, and as such if you do want to back Celtic to win then you will need to place your bet on them long before the season starts.

It is Rangers that are the current early second favourites to win the Scottish Premiership title in the 2019/20 season, and they are being touted right now as some much better odds that Celtic, with those odds generally being at or around the 9/4 mark.

Aberdeen are the Early Third Favourite

You may have made your mind up that the only teams to concentrate your betting efforts on are Celtic and Rangers in the Scottish Premiership, however there are of course plenty of other teams in that league, and of whom could suddenly find their form in the upcoming 2019/20 season.

As for just which team is next in the betting, well that team is Aberdeen and for reference they are the only team that is being offered at most betting sites on the early betting markets at double digit odds, and for reference those odds are 25/1

Huge Odds on All Other Scottish Premiership Teams

Now you know just which are the three teams that have the best chance of being crowned the champions of the Scottish Premiership in the 2019/20 season, I will move onto give you an insight into the huge odds attached to all other teams.

However, keep in  mind that the odds that you will currently find attached to the following teams are all huge in value for a reason, and that is each of them have very little chance of winning the Scottish Premiership title, and the bigger the odds the lesser of a chance each team has of winning the title, so do keep that in mind.

If you are a fan of Hibernian or Hearts, then there is no doubt in my mind that you will be eager to back your team no matter what, and as for just what odds you will be rewarded with for remaining loyal to either of those two Scottish Premiership teams, well you should be able to secure odds right now of at the very least 100/1.

Kilmarnock are another team that are playing in the Scottish Premiership next season, and they do have a very loyal fan base too, and if you rate their chance of success and want to back them to win the Scottish Premiership in 2019/20 then consider backing them right now as the odds you can get at huge at all bookies sites, with the generally available odds being 200/1!

Rank Outsiders to Win the Scottish Premiership

There are of course six other teams that will be playing in the Scottish Premiership in the 2019/20 season, however it is very fair and true to say those six other teams have no realistic chance whatsoever of winning the league title, unless something of a miracle occurs.

However, many punters are always going to remain very loyal to the teams they support, and with that in mind I will now turn my attention to revealing to you the current odds on those rank outsiders, for you never know you may be tempted to place a small and very speculative bet on any of those teams, and by doing so right now you will certainly be able to bag some massive odds on each of them.

Two teams that are not really being backed in any great numbers are St Johnstone and Motherwell, and let’s face it they are going to have to massively up their game if they are to win the title race this upcoming season, which most punters think is going to be something they will not do.

As for just how high the odds are on both of those two teams, well plenty of betting sites have the chalked up on their betting markets at gigantic odds as high as 1000/1.

Believe it or not you are going to find some even higher odds attached to the last few teams that will be competing in the Scottish Premiership, take for example Livingston, if you rate their chances of success and do some hunting around today you will be easily able to find betting sites that are offering mind blowing odds on them winning that league this coming season of 1500/1.

You would have to be a very loyal support of Hamilton if you are going to lay down your hard earned cash and bet on them today, but by doing so you will be more than happy to accept pay-out odds of 2000/1 which most bookies are offering by the way.

The final two teams in the Scottish Premiership that it’s safe to say are not going to win the title this season are St Mirren and Ross County, but if you do fancy backing them for any reason then odds of 2500/1 are readily available on each of those two rank outsiders.