Scottish League 1 2019-2020 Betting

There is one team, as you are going to find out below, that is the odds-on favourite right now to win the upcoming 2019-20 Scottish League 1 title, however being such a short priced favourite that does of course mean that you will find the odds attached to all other teams much higher.

The early betting markets on that league have been live for quite some time now, and whilst the Scottish League 1 season is yet to get underway, you really ought to be considering placing a few well thought out bets and wagers on the teams that you think are going to do well in that league this coming season.

When you check out any betting sites to compare the odds available on each teams in that league, do keep in mind that you will be offered the opportunity of backing a team to not only win the Scottish League 1 title race in 2019-20 outright, but plenty of bookies give their customers the added option of placing an each-way bet too.

But keep in mind that if you do place a two part each-way bet on any team the terms attached to such bets can and often will vary from bookie to bookie and you will need to place such bets only at those bookies with the fairest and most generous each-way betting terms.

As for just what are the best each-way terms on the futures betting markets on this league, well one third of the win odds are being offered by a handful of betting sites on each-way bets placed with them and those bookies will be paying out to two places too.

Teams Expected to do Well in 2019/20

There is no doubt that it is the mighty Falkirk that has caught the eye of many punters that are taking the early odds on the Scottish League 1 betting markets right now, but with such a small number of teams in that league and given the very obvious chance of Falkirk next season the odds are somewhat restrictive to say the least.

You really are going to have your work cut out for you if you do fancy backing them to win the title next season regarding getting anything like decent odds, for the best odds I have so far seen being offered on them  are just 4/6.

This could however be one of those season where the pundits and early bettors are wrong, and if that is the case the tiny odds on offer on Falkirk at this stage of the betting does mean there are some much more appealing odds attached to each of the other teams for sure.

One team that I do have my eye on is Raith, now they could; pull of a shock this season and take the title and by backing them right now odds of or around the 11/2 are readily on offer, but do make sure that you shop around and get the best odds available oh them if they are a team you wish to have a long term bet on.

Plus, thanks to betting exchanges such as Betfair you can also lay bets to other users on that website, and that is one way of profiting if Falkirk do not go on to win the title, for you can lay and offer any odds you like on them and take bets from other users of that betting exchange at any time.

The Rest of the Field

The odds are going to be in double digits on the rest of the teams playing in this league right now, and whilst none of them jump put at me as smart money bets, it is of course up to you and your decision to make as to just which team or teams you do go on to back.

Airdrie are worth checking out and whilst not a team that many punters are going to be putting their faith in, you will at least gets some fair odds if you do decide to take the risks of backing them on the early betting markets and those odds may just tempt you to have a small each-way bet on them at least being as they are a 10/1 shot.

Two teams that cannot be separated on the early betting markets for this league are Clyde and Forfar and some fans of those teams to have high h0opes for them this upcoming season much like they do each season and the odds that are generally being touted and offered on both of those two teams right now are 12/1.

Dumbarton ate not playing at the top of the game, well they weren’t last season at least, and that is one team that does have some much higher odds on offer on them winning the Scottish League One title next year and for reference those odds are 16/1.

You may like the Montrose team for one or other reason, but it is fair to say that their chances of winning the title this upcoming season are by no stretch of the imagination great, but those of you that have an inkling that this season is going to be one in which they do pull off a shock you can back them at plenty of bookies sites at odds as high as 18/1.

Moving onto the final few teams that are going to be playing in this league this year, it is fair to say not many if any punters are prepared to back them at this very early stage of the betting, however two teams that are there for the taking at odds of 20/1 are Peterhead and East Fife.

Then finally we have Stranraer, you are going to be taking a big risk if you do decide to back them, however anything could happen this season in the Scottish League 1 and as such if you do fancy placing something of a very risky bet by backing them odds of 22/1 will be coming your way right now.