Scottish Championship 2019-2020

Savvy punters know that when it comes to backing teams that they think have a great chance of winning leagues such as the Scottish Championship, they should be backing their chosen team long before the season starts.

Whilst it is a tricky league regarding trying to work out long before the season starts just which teams have the best chances of success throughout the season, when it comes to securing some decent odds the early and futures betting markets are where punters should be looking.

If you do take the odds on any team via those long term early betting markets and that team then goes on the win plenty of matches once the season does finally get under way, the odds you will find being offered later on in the season will be much lower than they are right now.

As such and to give you a  few pointers as to the teams that could be worth backing, but to also enlighten you on just what odds are currently available on all teams that are going to be involved and playing in the 2019-20 Scottish Championship, below you will find each team listed along with their current outright win odds.

That isn’t to say that you are only going to be able to place an outright winner bet right now, for most bookies will offer you each-way betting opportunities too, and the bookies to bet with are those paying out to three places this season at one fifth the win odds, as those are the best each-way betting terms being offered currently.

Dundee And Dundee United Leading the Betting

Looking at the way the very early betting is going on the 2019/20 Scottish Championship, it’s a fair bet that the league title winners may hail from Dundee, for both Dundee and Dundee United are heading the betting, and if you are quick you will still find more than enough bookies offering you odds of at least 11/4 on both of those two teams.

In fact, the savvy punters out there may be prepared to split their bet on who they think is going to win that league title this upcoming season between those two joint favourites, of you will still lock in a  winning profit if you do back both teams and one of them does go on to win the league title next season.

That isn’t to say however that any other team isn’t going to go on to win the league next season, and there has been a little bit of support for Partick who are the next team in the betting, and their odds currently are around the 4/1, and if they do get off to a winning start they may end up becoming the favourite team to win.

The odds will start to get a little bit higher if you do not fancy the chances of any of the above teams, and as such one team that could be worth checking out or even betting each-way on is Inverness, for everything considered their current 7/1 may be a little overpriced.

As for which team is next in the betting, well it is Ayr but I do feel that they are going  to have to up their game this coming season if they are going to trouble any of the teams mentioned above, but some of you out there may just be prepared to take that risk, and by doing so today and backing them you will be happy with the generally available odds of 9/1 that you will be rewarded with.

One other team that is trading at single digit odds and odds of 9/1 is Dunfermline, but much like Ayr they are going to have to improve on last season’s form if they are to make an impact on the Scottish Champion in the 2019/20 season, but you never know they may just do.

Double Digits Odds

There are of course four additional teams that are going to be playing in the Scottish Championship this upcoming season, and it is hard to see any of those teams proving good enough to take the title race that season, however having said that there will be fans and supports of those four teams that will always be prepared to back them, no matter at what odds they are being offered and touted at.

It is Morton that are the first team that you will find being offered at double digit odds on all early betting markets for this league and those odds are 14/1.

But if you do want to back them for whatever reason then maybe the very best strategy and course of action will be to back them each way, as you never know they could pull of a major chock and get placed or even win the title this season, but not many punters are of the mindset that they will of course, hence their huge odds.

It has been quite some time since Queen of South have been a team in form, and this upcoming season is the state of the current early betting markets are anything to go by is likely to be a season in which they do not play top class football and a season in which they will finish lower down rather than at the top of the league.

But those of you that are prepared to pin your hopes on them to win you will be able to bag odds off around the 20/1 mark at most bookies, sites, but I would also advise you to take a look at what odds are being touted and offered over on the betting exchange at Betfair as they are likely to be much higher than 20/1 as layers at that betting site will not be fearful of offering much higher odds.

It is both Alloa and Arbroath that are languishing at the bottom of the early betting markets and as such you will find they can be backed very easily all day long and for the very near future at odds of 25/1.