Rugby Union Betting Guide

Betting online or on a mobile device is something that most people tend to do these days, rather than make the effort to pay a visit to their local betting shop or sportsbook and then queue up and place their bets over the counter in person.

One sport that really does get a lot of attention from very avid sport bettors as Rugby Union, and being such a  popular sport and one that many people do place bets and wagers on regularly, I have put together the following guide which will help all first time and inexperienced punters get their heads around the many different types of Rugby Union betting opportunities that they are going to come across these days.

Types of Rugby Union Bets You Can Place

It wasn’t that long ago that if you did ever want to place a bet on a Rugby Union match, then the only options available to you would be to pick which team you hope were going to win any upcoming match and then place your bet and hope that team did win.

However, as online betting platform have got more advanced and with the introduction of mobile betting apps and betting exchanges, you are now going to find a plethora of different betting opportunities available to you on the sport of Rugby Union.

You will be able to place bets on any individual match or can place bets on any teams you want to win or get placed in any Rugby Union tournaments and even pick out a team you hope will finish at the top of any Rugby Union league at the end of the season too.

  • Half Time Full Time
  • Each-Way Bets
  • Players to Score
  • Double and Trebles
  • Accumulator Bets
  • League Winners
  • In-Play Betting
  • Futures Betting
  • Match Betting
  • Over/Under Bets

In fact, you are not now only restricted to placing bets and wagers before any Rugby Union match has started, for once a match does start then most bookies are then going to turn on and make live their in-play betting markets so you can continue to bet on a match as it is being played out.

Where to Bet on Rugby Union

I do like the fact that there are so many different betting sites available these days, it is always an absolute breeze to shop around and compare the odds available on sports such as Rugby Union, and by doing so you can always then take the best odds on offer to you when you do spot a site offering above average odds.

As for just which bookies are famed for offering decent and good odds on the sport of Rugby Union, well I do think you are going to have a very hard time trying to find a bookie offering better odds that you will find available at the Grosvenor Casinos Sportsbook.

That online and mobile betting site hasn’t been around and in business for that long, however its parent company that of course being Grosvenor Casinos have been in business for decades and operate some of the biggest and best casinos across the UK.

That means above all else you will be in very safe and trusted hands if you do decide to try put their betting site, which is something I really would urge you to do if you want to place any type of bet you can think of on the sport of Rugby Union or for that matter any other sport too.

With the added incentive for all new customers that sign up using our website links to get to their online betting site of a high valued and very easy to claim sign up bonus offer, please do make sure you check that offer out as it is one most sports bettors will always be eager to claim and make use of for sure.

Tips for Betting on Rugby Union

You may have winning and losing sessions when betting on the sport of Rugby Union, but when you do win you will want to have the complete peace of mind in knowing you are going to get the maximum pay-outs and will be paid out your winnings in full too, and to round off this guide to betting on Rugby Union, here are some of the top tips for betting on that sport.

Favourites Don’t Always Win – One thing that you will always have to get your head around, is that not every favourite team to win any Rugby Union match is going to win their matches, and as such if you do have a gut feeling that the other team available at much higher odds is going to win any upcoming match then always be prepared to go with that gut feeling.

Half-Time Full-Time Betting – One way to get some much higher odds on the match betting markets is by you placing a half time full time bet, and when doing so you have to predict what the outcome of the match will be at the half time whistle and then at the full time whistle too.

Futures Betting Markets – Many punters have realised that when they are betting on let’s say a Rugby Union tournament, and they fancy one team to win it then it is one the futures and early betting markets that are always going to find the very highest odds being offered to them, so make a point of checking out those long term betting markets to help you get some much better odds on any teams you do fancy.

Insist on Instant Bet Settlement – The amount of time it can take for a bookie to settle all winning Rugby Union related bets and wagers can and will vary, however I would urge you to make a point of locating a betting site or using a betting app on which as soon as any Rugby Union match has finished and the results are know those sites and apps then settle all winning bets instantly, as you will not be faced with waiting ages to have your winnings added to your betting account balance.