Reverse Forecast Bets

Before you set about placing a Reverse Forecast bet, you will need to get your head around what a Forecast bet is, and that is simply a type of bet on which you are faced with trying to pick out which runner in a greyhound or horse race will pass the finishing line in first place, but must also pick out the second placed finisher in that race too, in the correct order.

However, there can be nothing worse that picking out lets say a horse to finish first and one to finish second in a race, but the one you pick to come first actually ends up coming second and the horse you selected to come second comes first!

That is why Reverse Forecast bets were invented, as you will be placing two bets when placing that type of bet and will be covering both selections to finish first or second in any order.

The stakes you can place on a Reverse Forecast bet are up to you of course, but once the race is run a Straight Forecast Dividend will be declared usually to a 1.00 unit stake, so if you place less than 1.00 on such a bet as the unit stake you will receive a percentage of that dividend, but when placing more than 1.00 on such a bet and it turns out to be a winning one, then you will of course win a multiple of that dividend instead.

Sports to Place Reverse Forecast Bets On

There are just four sports categories in which you will have the option of placing a Reverse Forecast bet, and those four sports categories are listed below.

  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • Virtual Sports
  • Virtual Racing

The dividend declared at the end of the race will always be higher of course if the first placed finishers romps home at huge win odds and the second placed finisher is also a high-priced runner too.

Where to Place Reverse Forecast Bets

Some bookies can offer additional bonus betting opportunities and as such you will be best advised to select the ones that do, and below are three such betting sites which accept Reverse Forecast bets on any coming greyhound, horse or virtual races.

Betway – Being a bookie that caters for low to high stake punters, you are always going to find the top rated Betway betting site will accept your wagers no matter how big or small they happen to be.

10Bet – Another bookie that I am always more than happy to recommend to everyone that does fancy placing any type of bet on any sporting events is 10Bet who do have a rather large sign up welcome bonus up for grabs currently, so do make a point of checking out their website for details on how to claim that high valued welcome bonus offer.

NetBet – One additional betting site which is popular with punters based all over the world is NetBet and they are also one of the fastest paying betting sites that have also very recently launched their own unique mobile betting app too.