Privacy Policy

In this day and age, it is important that you protect your right to privacy online, and here at the website we have systems in place to ensure that we do fully protect your privacy at all times.

Please be aware that at no time will you be required to supply us with any of your own personal information to utilize the content found upon this website, so you are free to come and go as you please.

However, there may be times, as listed below, when you may wish to supply us with some personal information, and as such please read on to find out why we may require that information, and how we will use it.

Cookies are in use upon this website, and we have in place a cookie policy section of this website to enlighten you on what cookies are and how we use them to improve your visiting experience of this website, so please do check that section of our website too.

Comments, Posts and Feedback

To give you the ability to interact with other users of this website, you may be given the option of leaving comments, feedback and/or suggestions on the news stories and articles found upon this site.

If that is something you wish to do then you will need to register to leave such comments, posts and feedback. Please make sure that when signing up to do so that you select a username that does not identify you personally, unless you are happy to be identified.

We do however manually approve all such posts, comments and feedback to eradicate the possibility of spammers from using our website, and as such keep that in mind as there may be a delay in you leaving any comments, feedback and posts before they are approved and then appear on this website.

Any personal information you do supply us with will be stored securely to the best of our ability, however no system is 100% secure.

Newsletters and Competitions

We may also run competitions or give you the option of signing up to receive email newsletters, once again if you do take part in any competitions or sign up to receive such newsletter you will be required to supply us with your own personal information, to allow us to send such newsletters out to you.

We may share any information you supply with use when for example entering any competition with the sponsor or sponsors of that coemption so that they can make contact with you if you win, so that they can make arrangements to send your prize out to you.

Obviously any newsletters that you do sign up to will contain advertising material, and contained in each newsletter we send out will be an unsubscribe link, which you should sue if you do not wish to receive any further newsletters, by unsubscribing you will be removed from our database as soon as is practically possible.

Contacting Us

You will find our direct contact details on the respective section of this website, be aware that we aim to reply to all emails sent into use quickly, however there may be a short delay in use responding to you contact us over the weekend or during any major public holidays.

When you do contact us, we will only reply to you using the contact details you have given us, such as your email address to reply to any questions asked. We will not send out any promotional or advertising material to you unless you have specifically asked us to do so.

All information you do supply us with for any purpose will only ever be used as intended.

Any third party websites that we may link to, showcase or promote on this website will also have their own unique privacy policy in place on their website, and as such if you do visit any of them you are advised to read through those privacy policies.

If you do have any questions relating to our privacy policy then do feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can do so. Any changes to this privacy policy will be timestamped below.

The privacy policy was last updated on the 26th of June 2021