Premier League 2019-2020 Betting

There can be no better feeling for a football punter, than securing high odds on a team to win the Premier League before the season starts, and then watching that team go on to win match after match, and then ultimately win the title.

It is the early betting markets that you should therefore be looking to bet on, if that is something you hope to achieve, and with the start of the football season a couple of months away, in the following guide I want to showcase to you the odds available on each team winning the Premier League title at this early stage of the betting.

By please do keep in mind that the following odds are likely to change at any time, much more so once the season starts and matches begin to get played off.

When betting on the early betting markets offered by many of our featured betting sites on the Premier League 2019-2020, you will also have the opportunity of betting each-way instead of backing a team to win the title outright.

By backing a team each-way you should be able to secure odds of one third the win odds which will be paid out to the teams finishing in the top two spots, on the place part of those bets, so do not accept each-way betting terms lower than those.

Manchester City Being Backed Early

You are certainly going to get your money’s worth betting Man City to be the Premier League winners next season, for if they show the form that they did last season they have all the chances in the world of winning the title race.

However, it is not only the majority of punters that think they are going to win again next season, it is the bookies too and as such they are not taking any chances what so ever, which means you are going to be extremely hard-pressed to get offered higher odds than 4/6 on them taking the title next season, no matter how hard you look.

Football being football though, and due to the fact that the odds on Man City are so very low, that does mean you are going to find some very tempting and appealing odds being offered to you on all other teams in that league, and one team that could pull this title out of the bag are Liverpool who are currently the second favourite at odds of 9/4.

If you are prepared to look even further afield for the winner of the Premier League in 2019/20, then you are going to be very happy with the odds attached to all other teams in that league, take for example Tottenham they look a great each-way bet currently based on the fact their win odds are 14/1.

Do Manchester United Have any Chance?

I think no one will disagree with me when I say that Manchester Utd have certainly lost their way recently, and who would have thought not that long ago that they would be being offered at huge odds of 25/1 to win the 2019/20 title, but those are the odds you can get on them right now.

Due to me placing many bets on Chelsea to win matches in the past and not one of them won, I am certainly not going to entertain placing a bet on them to win this upcoming seasons Premier League title, but some of you out there may fancy taking a chance that they will and by taking advantage of the early betting markets you will have no difficulties getting odds right now as high as 25/1.

The one time mighty Arsenal look up against it, and it would be something of a shock if they did win the title in the 2019/20 Premier League season, but anything if so course possible and you may fancy having a small bet on them based on their current 40/1 odds, but perhaps a small each-way bet is the best course of action.

The odds start to look even more ridiculous when you look at teams such as Wolves, for they are one of many teams that are trading at three digit odds, and I have seen plenty of bookies that are prepared to lay punters odds of 150/1 to any amount of cash on them.

The Premier League Rank Outsiders

Everton and Newcastle are not two teams that you will immediately think of backing to win the title race next season, but if for any reason you do feel they have a good chance of doing so then you will be happy once I tell you they are very easy to back at odds of 200/1.

Those of you who can remember Leicester pulling off the shock of the season several years ago, may fancy taking a chance on them doing so yet again this season, but their early odds as not as high as they were when they did pull of that miracle last time, for on the early betting markets they are being offered at odds of just 250/1.

One final team that is trading currently on the futures betting markets at three-digit odds is West Ham and if they do manage to win and you backed them at their current 500/1 odds you will be laughing all the way to the bank for sure.

It doesn’t matter which team you do back to win the Premier League next season, as long as you bet with your head and not your heart you should be fine, but it is going to take a great leap in faith for any punters to back the likes of Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Southampton or Watford for each of those teams are 1000/1.

The same can also be said of teams such as Burnley, Aston Villa and Brighton for they are being touted at even higher odds of 1500/1, and then you have the two teams no one is backing currently those being Sheffield Utd and Norwich who are the rank outsiders to win at odds of a whopping 2000/1.