Heinz Bets

One thing that you are very quickly going to have to adjust to when you start betting online or on a mobile phone is the almost never-ending array of different bets that you can place on absolutely any type of sporting events. Some bets such as a Heinz bet will allow you pick out a … Read more

Super Heinz Bets

You will soon warm to and embrace both the online an mobile betting environments, for whatever type of bets you may have placed in your local betting shop or sportsbook are also going to be available to you when you bet either online or via any type of mobile device. However, one bet type that … Read more

Straight Forecast Bets

I do often tend to place quite a few Straight Forecast bets when I am at a racecourse or greyhound track, for I like the fact that the winning pay-outs associated with such bets can be very high, even when placing low valued Straight Forecast bets. However, if you haven’t yet placed such a bet … Read more

Combination Forecasts Bets

A Combination Forecast bet is one on which you can pick out three or more greyhounds or horses running in any one single race and have them permed together in such a way that every permutation of your selections finishing in first or second place are covered by such a bet. Why you would want … Read more

Canadian Bets

Be aware that a Canadian bet can also go by the name of a Super Yankee bet too, however there are no differences what so ever regarding how those two bets have been designed, other that some betting sites and punters choose to call them Canadian bets, whilst some other prefer to call them Super … Read more

Lucky 31 Bets

Multiple bets on which you must pick out just a small number of selections to place on such a bet and have them all permed together in every possible bet are popular with many punters these days. The reason why they are popular, is that with some luck you could see every single selection you … Read more

Lucky 15 Bets

There isn’t too many differences between a Yankee Bet and a Lucky 15 bet, in fact the only difference between those two bets is that you will have 4 single bets on a Lucky 15 bet in addition to all of the other bets offered by a Yankee bet and also some bookies pay-out a … Read more

Yankee Bets

If you have been reading through my many individual bet type guides, then you will have noticed there are a huge number of different multiple type bets you can place, and one that has always been popular with punters are a type of bet known as a Yankee bet. The potential winnings on such bets … Read more

Straight Tricast Bets

A Straight Tricast bet also goes by the name of a Tricast bet, and when you come across such bets you may be a little unsure of how to place such a bet and what it is you are actually betting on. Well, there is nothing confusing about the way that Straight Tricast bets work … Read more

Patent Bets

There will be a total of seven bets you will be placing if you place what is known as a Patent bet, and a fair number of betting sites will allow you to place such bets for low to high stakes too. Those seven bets however are made up of just three selections, which can … Read more