Patent Bets

There will be a total of seven bets you will be placing if you place what is known as a Patent bet, and a fair number of betting sites will allow you to place such bets for low to high stakes too.

Those seven bets however are made up of just three selections, which can be on any sporting events you wish to use as the basis for a Patent bet, but most punters do tend to simply pick out three horses running in different races and have them on their Patent bets, but you are free to pick out any sporting events you fancy adding onto your bet and maxing them up too if you so desire.

The unit stake you pick for each bet must be the same so if you choose to place a 1.00 unit stake, the total cost of that Patent bet will be 7.00, but the stake levels ae up to you of course.

You will be placing three single bets, three doubles and one treble on such a bet, so even if you only have one winner out of your three selections you will at least have that selection covered by a single, but get all three selections winning and that is how the winnings can and do begin to mount up on such bets.

Sports to Place Patent Bets On

Have a quick look through the following list of different sports categories, and if you do want to place a Patent bet on any of them then that is something you are always going to be given the option of doing, no matter where you happen to place your bets.

  • Ice Hockey
  • Motor Sports
  • Netball
  • Politics
  • Virtual Sports
  • Bowls
  • Pool
  • Netball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Badminton

It will be up to you whether to simply pick out the favourites to win any sporting events, or pick out some of the outsiders instead, but to get the maximum possible returns from any Patent bets you do go on to place you will need to aim to get the best odds on whichever sporting event you include on your bets.

Where to Place Patent Bets

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