Lucky 63 Bets

You will often see Lucky 63 betting slips available in land based betting shops, however with the advent of both online betting sites and mobile betting apps, if those bets are ones that you do enjoy placing well you can now place them on any computer or laptop or even on your smart phone or tablet device too.

The basic structure of a Lucky 63 bet is such, that you are faced with picking out 6 selections to place on that type of bet, and you will have them covered in no fewer than 63 individual bets.

Those 63 individual bets are 6 single win bets, 15 double bets, a total of 20 trebles, some 15 four-fold bets, 6 five-fold bets and one six-fold accumulator bet too.

You will need to pick a unit stake to have in use on a Lucky 63 bet and you will need to multiply that unit stake by 63 of course to work out the total stake of such a bet, many bookies also pay-out bonuses if you get five or six winning selections on such bets, so look out for the bookies that do just that is my advice.

Sports to Place Lucky 63 Bets On

You are of course bound to have your own personal favourite sports that you enjoy watching and possibly betting on too, and as far as just which sporting events that you can base your Lucky 63 bets around, well you can place them on any of the following sports categories and plenty of other ones besides.

  • American Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Gaelic Football
  • Golf

There are also several other multiple bets that you may much prefer placing too, and as such with that in mind please do make sure you read through some of my many other bet type guides for details of just which additional ones will be on offer to you.

Where to Place Lucky 63 Bets

You will need to ensure that you can place Lucky 63 bets at your chosen unit stake amounts and are never forced to have to place such bets for much higher stakes than you can afford, and each of the betting sites listed below will offer you some very low minimum stake limits and some extremely high ones too, if you want to bet big at any time.

BetHard – There is a lot to like about the recently launched BetHard Sportsbook, and their sign-up bonus if you choose to claim it and make use of it could get you off to a winning start.

QuinnBet – One betting site that you should always be heading too if you want some of the very highest betting odds in the business is QuinnBet, so make a point of checking out their betting site sooner rather than later as you will be impressed by what you will find when you do so.

SportingBet – The long established SportingBet betting site has been around for decades and they really have built up a spotless reputation over those many year of operation, so are a bookie you can trust time and time again.