Lucky 15 Bets

There isn’t too many differences between a Yankee Bet and a Lucky 15 bet, in fact the only difference between those two bets is that you will have 4 single bets on a Lucky 15 bet in addition to all of the other bets offered by a Yankee bet and also some bookies pay-out a range of bonuses on winning Lucky 15 bets too, which they do not offer on winning Yankee bets.

As such, most punters these days that fancy placing a multiple type of bet will opt to place a Lucky 15 bet and by doing so they will be placing a total of 15 bets and will have to name four different outcomes in a  range of different sporting events to have included on that type of bet too.

By getting all four selections you have added onto a Lucky 15 bet winning their respective sporting events then a total pay-out booster often valued at around the 20% mark will be added to your winning pay-out, but the bonus offered on such winning bet can vary from bookie to bookie so do keep that in mind at all time when choosing where to place such a bet.

As for just what bets you are placing on a Lucky 15 bet, well your four selections are covered by 4 singles a total of 6 doubles four trebles and one four-fold accumulator too, and the pay-outs can be huge, much more so thanks to that pay-out booster bonus many betting sites have on offer.

Sports to Place Lucky 15 Bets On

Being such a low cost bet, if you keep your unit stake to modest amounts of course, and one that can return some very high pay-outs, you may be tempted to place a Lucky 15 bet every now and then, and if so below you will find just some of the huge range of sports categories that you will always be able to place such bets on.

  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • Hurling
  • Ice Hockey
  • Lotteries
  • Motor Sports
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker

If you do want to try your luck on such a bet then read on for I am about to now give you some punters as to just which are the very best betting sites at which to place such bets at each of which come highly recommended too by the way.

Where to Place Lucky 15 Bets

I will now give you some ideas as to just which are the very best betting sites at which to play Lucky 15 Bets and let you know why that is too.

BetFred – The high pay-out and cash-out limits on offer at BetFred, ensure that if you do ever hit the jackpot when betting on any of their betting markets you will always be paid out in full.

Paddy Power – The daily betting offers, and promotional deals are going to ensure that you always come back for more as a customer of the Paddy Power betting site.

Betway – One other betting site that is famed for their levels of service and their plentiful betting markets and betting opportunities is Betway, so feel free to check their website out.