Lottery Betting Guide

For some people. Betting on worldwide lotteries is much like betting on sport, and each week they will try and predict just which numbers are going to be the ones drawn out of the lottery machine on one of several lottery draws and place a bet on those numbers too.

When betting on a lottery in the standard way, that of course being required to pick out in the case of the UK National Lottery for example, six numbers punters are required to play for the set £2 stake and much match as many of those numbers as they can do with those drawn out of the lottery machine.

However when you set about placing a bet on a lottery at a bookies site instead, you are going to be able to pick form one to five numbers on most worldwide lotteries and will be able to place a stake chosen by you on those bets, rather than being obliged to pick six numbers and pay a set amount.

The odds on offer, as you are going to discover below will always be determined by three factors, those being the lottery you have chosen to bet on, the amount of number you have chosen to have on your bet and whether you have chosen to include the bonus ball or not.

Types of Lottery Bets You Can Place

Due to the basic range of betting opportunities that are going to be on offer to you when you start to bet on any lottery of the world, you are not going to have to wade through a huge range of different betting markets to find the exact type of bet you want to place.

In fact, you will usually find just two types of betting markets are available when betting on any lottery, and they are the bet with or bet without the bonus ball betting markets and below you will find an overview of those bets and the other ones that can also be placed on those two betting markets.

  • Bet with Bonus Ball
  • Bet without Bonus Ball
  • Single Numbers
  • Two Number Bets
  • Three Number Bets
  • Four Number Bets
  • Five Number Bets

At the end of the day though, one very important aspect to betting on any lottery is the odds that a bookie will be offering you, and take it form me not all bookies are offering impressive and appealing odds on their lottery betting markets, so always make a point of betting only with those bookies that offer by far and away the highest odds on the bet type you wish to place a bet on.

Where to Bet on Lotteries

The BetFred betting sites has their own standalone lottery betting site and you can also download and install and the go on to make use of their own unique lottery betting app, and as such without a shadow of a doubt they are the betting site at which to place lottery related bets and wagers at.

What you will also like about Betfred is the value they give to all their customers, and I seriously doubt that you are going to find a bookie offering much higher odds than they ones they offer on all worldwide lotteries too.

But do keep in mind too that when betting on lotteries, due to the fact you could in some huge amounts of cash when doing so, you will need a bookie that offers the biggest pay-out and cash out limits, and that is exactly what BetFred are famed for doing.

Just make sure though, that when visiting their website you click through any of our Betfred links, as by doing so you will also have access to their sign up welcome bonus instantly if you do decide to sign up on their online or mobile betting app as a new customer of theirs.

Tips for Betting on Lotteries

As so many people do now enjoy betting on lotteries at betting sites and on betting apps, there is always the chance you will fancy doing just that too and if so, then here are a few tips to betting on lotteries that you should always follow.

Pay-Out Odds are Important – Not all bookies are famed for being overly generous with their betting odds on worldwide lottery draws, so the onus is going to be on you to locate and secure the best odds available, which shouldn’t be too difficult at all if you stick to betting at our approved and to0pa rated betting site mentioned and named above.

Place Repeat Bets – One thing that is going to seriously annoy you when betting on any lottery is if you use the same numbers each week or on every single draw and you forget to place a bet and your chosen numbers come in! Therefore, consider placing repeat bets on each draw, as some betting sites will allow you to bet on lots of draws held in the same country.

High Cash-Out Limits – With you having the chance of winning a life changing amount pf cash when betting on lotteries make sure the bookies that you do decide to place such bets at have very high pay-out and cash-out limits in place, that way if you win big you will get paid out very quickly and always in full too.

No Delay Pay-Outs – Some betting site offer very low daily, weekly and often monthly pay-out limits, so avoid such sites, for if you do win big you could end up awaiting an absolute age to get paid out your winnings and that  is something that no punter no matter where they are based is ever going to want to be forced to have to do.

Think About Using Bonuses – Bonus that can be used on lottery bets could help you lock in even more betting value and may also offer you more chance of winning, but always read through any betting rules associated with bonuses along with the additional betting bonus terms and conditions too.