Long Term Super Bowl LIV Betting Opportunities

Any of the teams playing in the NFL do of course have a chance of making it right through to the Super Bowl LIV, however its fair to say that some teams are much more fancied to do just that than other teams.

One of our featured betting sites, that being Coral have launched their Super Bowl LIV early betting market recently, and today I will be taking a look at some stand out early bets you can place on selected teams, and revealing to you the odds that bookie is currently offering on each those teams right now too.

The current odds on the NE Patriots winning the Super Bowl LIV are 10/3, however do always keep in mind if they continue in their current form those odds are going o get much lower in the coming months, so if you do rate their chance of winning the Super Bowl LIV then bet on them right now to secure those odds.

The odds on teams such as the KC Chiefs who by the way are the current second favourite to win the Super Bowl LIV are 5/1 and if you think that instead of those two fancied first and second favourites that the LA Rams are going to win the Super Bowl LIV instead you can get odds of 7/1 on them right now.

Super Bowl LIV Each-Way Betting

You may feel it is a tad too early to try and work out which of the many teams in the NFL are going to have the best chances of getting through to the Super Bowl LIV and then go on to win it, and therefore you may wish to wait until the NFL season progresses.

You can also place an each-way bet instead of an outright winner bet and by doing so you should easily find plenty of betting site that are paying out to two places and at one half of the win odds you took when placing that bet on the place part of such a bet too.

Higher Odds More Risk

If you are the type of punters that is prepared to throw caution to the wind and are prepared to back some of the teams that have albeit a small chance of winning the very next Super Bowl then there are plenty of the teams I haven’t yet mentioned available at even higher odds.

Those teams in order of the value of their odds include the NO Saints at 10/1, the DAL Cowboys who are 11/1 and then you have the GB Packers at 12/1 who are then followed in the betting by the BAL Ravens, HOU Texans and MIN Vikings at 18/1 and then you have teams on offer at 20/1 and they include the CHI Bears, LA Chargers and PHI Eagles.