Liverpool Odds-On to Win the Premier League Title

It’s time for you to start placing a bet on the team that you think will be crowned the champion team in the Premier League, for if you do fancy one of the two favourites to do just that and leave it too late you are not going to get offered any value regarding those teams odds.

To be fair though, looking at the form of Liverpool, if there is one team that has their eyes on that title this season it is them, and the odds being offered by most betting sites are going to give you a good insight into just what their chances of success this season are.

The best odds currently being touted by bookies are 2/7, and whilst those odds are not going to see you rolling in cash if you do take them, unless of course you do place a huge bet on them winning the title this season, they are the best you can hope for right now.

There is some value to be had though by you backing the second favourite team to win, that team being Man City, but they are going to have to have some luck in playing for the rest of the season if they are to dislodge Liverpool from being the favourite, and as for the odds Mn City can be backed at right now, they are around the 10/3 mark.

Leicester Chalked up as the Third Favourite

The only other team in the current betting market to be the champions of the Premier League that has any chance, albeit a small one of winning that title are Leicester, but they too are going to have to pull of something of a major shock if they are going to beat Liverpool to the top of the league this season.

But there may be some of you out there that do fancy the chances of Leicester and if you do then you should be offered odds of at least no lower than 16/1 on them if you shop around.

Three and Four Digit Odds on All Other Teams

Punters that are prepared to place some extremely risky bets on teams to win the Premier League this season should be looking at teams such as Chelsea to back, for they are next in the betting but can be backed at huge odds right now of 100/1.

Tottenham are the next team to consider backing if you do want to place a bet on a team with even higher odds attached to them for there are load of betting sites and betting apps at which you can secure odds of at least 500/1 on them being the champion team in the Premier League this season.

Mind blowing odds of 1000/1 are also being offered on Arsenal, Man Utd and Wolves but do keep in mind that bookies are only offering odds of 1000/1 one each of those three teams are there is very little chance they will win the title race this season.