Latest National Hunt Jockeys’ Championship Betting

It looks like a two horse race so to speak, regarding the jockeys that are looking best placed to have the very best chance of being crowned the National Hunt champion jockey this year, for a couple of jockeys are leading that betting market and their odds do give you a very good insight into what their respective winning chances are.

If you do fancy getting stuck into the National Hunt Jockeys Championship betting markets then one jockey that is leading it and has one of the best chances ever of winning it is of course Richard Johnson who has had more than his fair share of winning rides this season.

However, so great are his chances of winning that title you are going to find huge odds being offered form his om winning that title, in fact the very highest odds I have so far come across this morning were just 2/7, but those odds mean plenty of punters and bookies alike do rate his chances of course.

As for the second favourite to win, well his odds are going to be offering you much better betting value and you may be tempted to place a bet on him, and for reference that jockey is Brian Hughes and as for his odds, they are currently 5/2.

Next Jockeys in the Betting

Harry Skelton is the next jockey in the betting however his odds are truly enormous when you compare them to the first and second favourites name up above, however if you do rate his chances you will be happy enough with the current 16/1 odds most bookies are offering on him.

The next jockey is one that could be worth a small speculative bet on and that jockey is Harry Cobden who does offer punters some very reasonable value based on the fact that his odds of winning the National Hunt Jockeys Championship this season are 33/1.

The Rank Outsiders to Win

I have four other jockeys to introduce to you that do have odds attached to them regarding their respective chance of being crowned the champion National Hunt jockey this year, but you will be best advised to keep in mind these other jockeys are what you would call rank outsiders to win that title.

The first of them is a jockey that I am sure that you will have heard of and seen riding before and that is Sam Twiston-Davies, however at odds of 40/1 he doesn’t appear to have a very realistic chance of winning the title this year.

I could also say the very same thing for the next jockey in the betting and that jockey is Aidan Coleman who is a 66/1 shot, and then you have two jockeys that would have to pull off a huge shock to have any chance of winning the title and they are Nico De Boinville and Sean Bowen both of whom who can be backed at massive odds right now of at least 100/1!