Hurling Betting Guide

Hurling may not be the most popular sport, however thanks to its very solid Gaelic roots you are going to find it is played in places such as Ireland very regularly, and there will of course be plenty of betting opportunities available upon that sport too.

You will be pleased to learn that if you do enjoy watching and betting on that sport you are not going to be restricted to only placing bets on it if you are living or are based in Ireland for you only have to find a betting site or app that specializes in offering betting opportunities on that sport to be able to bet on it.

If you are interested in discovering just what aspects of any Hurling matches you can bet on then please do keep on reading, for I will be looking at just how wide and very varied the range of Hurling related betting opportunities are some of which may prove to be of interest to you.

What I would also advise you to do, is to make sure that you check out the bookmaker that I have highlighted below, as it is a bookie that does offer week in and week out through the Hurling season  plethora of different betting markets on every single Hurling match that is scheduled.

Types of Hurling Bets You Can Place

I will leave it up to you as to whether you do fancy betting on the sport of Hurling, for it is one of those sports that not too many people enjoy watching and/or betting on, however if you are of the mindset that you do fancy placing a bet on any Hurling matches, then you are going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to betting opportunities.

As long as you stick to a bookie that employees plenty of odds compilers that have a true passion for Hurling, then you will find those bookies sites and betting apps run by those bookmakers are going to allow you to place all of the bets and wager types listed below on Hurling matches.

  • Match Winner
  • Accumulators
  • League Betting
  • Player to Score
  • Half Time Fill Time
  • Correct Score
  • Over/Under Betting
  • In-Play Betting
  • Long Term Betting
  • Handicap Betting

I would also very strongly advise you to make sure that if you are looking to place for example accumulator type bets on Hurling matches then you pick out a bookie that has some high ash out and pay out limits, just in case you beat the odds and win big, so make sure that is something you do.

Where to Bet on Hurling

Some of the many specialist sports that are not covered by some betting sites such as Hurling, are of course always going to be covered by the betting markets at the much bigger bookies sites and on their betting apps too, so you will have to look for one of those bigger and much longer established betting sites to place such bets.

I just know that if you make the very smart and wise decision of signing up to the Paddy Power betting site, they are never going to let you down when it comes to betting on the sport of Hurling, or for that matter any other sports that you enjoy watching and placing bets on too.

They always make their upcoming Hurling betting markets available before most other bookies do, and therein does of course lay your chances of securing some much higher than average odds when you set about betting with them and making use of their futures Hurling betting markets.

A completely streamlined system is in place for opening up an account at the Paddy Power betting site and betting app, but make sure that you give any of our many Paddy Power betting site links a click on this website to ensure you gain accesso their high sign up welcome bonus offer too.

Tips for Betting on Hurling

Hurling may be a sport that you have a very keen interest in and if you do and you wish to also bet on that sport then here are a few tips that will give you the peace of mind that you are having the best possible Hurling betting experience when you do set about placing best and wagers on that sport.

Acca Pay-Out Boosters – If the types of bets that you do fancy placing on Hurling are acca bets, then make no mistake about it the very best betting sites that you should be betting at are those which offer their customers acca pay-out boosters based on just how many teams they pick and how many of those teams win too.

Daily Special Bets – Whilst there are not a huge number of betting sites that offer Hurling betting markets you will find a handful of them are going to offer a range of daily special bets on upcoming Hurling matches so always be on the look out for such sites to get even more betting value when you place any such bets online.

Get Paid Quickly – Avoid betting at any bookies that do not process your winnings with in a 24-hour time scale, and there are plenty of bookies that do so by the way.

Consolation Bets – If you do fancy betting on any upcoming Hurling matches or matches then be aware that some betting sites will give you access to consolation betting offers. And there can be value in making use of them for sometimes you can end up getting your stake money back as a free bet or as cash if you bet loses but something else the bookie predicted happens in any match that you have bet on.

Low Risk Bets – There are some high risk Hurling best you can place such as an outright winner bet and some low risk ones too such as each-way Burling related bets, so always consider placing low risk ones rather than placing high risk Hurling bets online, but that choice is of course yours to make at all times.