Get Bigger Odds on the Irish Lottery

You can now place a bet on any lottery being held in any country of the world, however it is on the Irish Lottery that most punters will turn to when they fancy their chances of a big winning pay-out.

I you haven’t yet bet on that lottery, or for that matter any other lottery before, then you do need to be aware of the differences between buying a standard lottery ticket to enter the draw, and how a betting site will offer you a a range of bets too.

Regarding the Irish Lottery, you are faced with picking out six numbers in the hope as many of them will be drawn out of the lottery machine, however when betting online you can pick from just one to five numbers, and can choose a stake of any amount too.

The pay-out odds do of course get much higher in value, depending on just how many number you select, but you will also have the option of inclduing or not including the bonus ball too in your number selection, but the odds are slightly lower obviously when you do choose to include the bonus ball.

Betfred Has a Standalone Lottery Betting Site

One of the best betting sites that you can sign up to if you want to bet on any worldwide lottery draw is BetFred, for they have their very own standalone betting site and betting app on which you can place such bets instantly.

They will also let you place multiple bets too, and as such you can pick out as many as eight different numbers and have them all permed together in any number groupings you want, and you can of course choose the stake you wish to place on each bet too.

The Best Irish Lottery Pay-Out Odds

If you do take my advice and sign up to Betfred then you will be impressed with the odds they are offering on every single Irish Lottery number grouping, for that bookie does want your business and betting action and is prepared to pay for it via their higher than average odds.

Take for example when you bet without the Bonus Ball, by picking out just one number, if it does roll out of the lottery machine on any draw you have placed a bet on you will receive pay-out odds of 6/1, which get ten times higher at 60/1 if you pick and then match two numbers in that draw.

The chances of you picking out and matching three, four and five numbers are of course low, however that does mean the odds are much higher, at 700/1, 8500/1 and a whopping 150000/1 respectively on each of those three number groupings.

You can of course lower the risk somewhat by including the Bonus Ball, and when picking out and matching one, two, three, four or all five numbers, the odds you will receive on each of those bets are 5/1, 45/1, 375/1, 4500/1 and 45000/1 respectively.