Best UK Football Betting Sites

This guide to football betting sites, will give you a good insight into the world of both online and mobile football betting in the UK. Hopefully, it will enlighten you on where to bet, how to bet and will also give you a few football betting tips too. Punters are often going to be tempted to … Read more

Scottish League 1 2019-2020 Betting

There is one team, as you are going to find out below, that is the odds-on favourite right now to win the upcoming 2019-20 Scottish League 1 title, however being such a short priced favourite that does of course mean that you will find the odds attached to all other teams much higher. The early … Read more

Scottish Championship 2019-2020

Savvy punters know that when it comes to backing teams that they think have a great chance of winning leagues such as the Scottish Championship, they should be backing their chosen team long before the season starts. Whilst it is a tricky league regarding trying to work out long before the season starts just which … Read more

English National League 2019/2020 Betting

Always be prepared to take a look over the very early betting markets on all football leagues, for if you do so you will often spot some interesting and value packed betting opportunities, on both the fancied teams and those that not many punters are backing early. Long before the English National League season starts, … Read more

English League 2 2019-2020 Betting

Which team do you think is going to be the champions of the English League 2 in the 2019-2020 season? Well, if you are prepared to take advantage of the odds being offered right now on that league, then you are certainly going to be happy with the odds. Even though the football season hasn’t … Read more

EFL Cup 2019/2020 Betting

One thing that will very quickly become very apparent to you when you start betting online or via any type of mobile device via a betting app, is that there will always be a plethora of long-term betting opportunities being made available to you. Now, as someone that is prepared to place a long term … Read more

English League 1 2019-2020 Betting

The thing to keep in mind about betting on football, is that it is an all year round activity, and even when for example the English football season has ended, bookies are always going to be offering you odds on the next upcoming season, and the early betting markets are where many punters will head … Read more

FA Cup 2019-2020 Betting

It will often surprise punters when they first start betting on football, just how many different bets and wagers they are going to be able to place on any upcoming football match, football league or any major football competition too. In fact, when betting on a single football match you are often going to find … Read more

Premier League 2019-2020 Betting

There can be no better feeling for a football punter, than securing high odds on a team to win the Premier League before the season starts, and then watching that team go on to win match after match, and then ultimately win the title. It is the early betting markets that you should therefore be … Read more

English Championship 2019-2020 Betting

I have spent the morning trying to make sense of where the best betting value can be secured on the English Championship 2019-2020 season, for many of our top rated and fully licensed and regulated betting sites already have their early betting markets on that football league live and available. If you do fancy picking … Read more