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Football Betting Guide

When you progress from placing a bet in a sportsbook or betting shop to betting online or via a mobile betting app, you are going to have plenty of questions about those two latter named betting environments.

But make no mistake about it, most football punters these days do use their laptops, computers and mobile devices to place football bets, and there are several reasons they do so.

As there are literally hundreds if not thousands of online betting sites and mobile betting apps available to you and to punters from across the globe, there is a lot of competition between those sites and apps, which means there will be some very valuable football related betting offers, deals and some higher than average odds available if you hunt around and spend some time choosing where to place such bets.

This football betting guide will give you a good insight into the world of both online and mobile football betting and will enlighten you on where to bet, how to bet and will also give you a few football betting tips too.

Types of Football Bets You Can Place

Punters are often going to be tempted to place a bet on one or more football matches, much more so if they are convinced that they know just how each match they bet on is going to end, and its fair to say there are plenty of different and unique types of football bets.

Below I have listed some of the most popular bets placed by sports bettors on football matches, however, do keep in mind there are plenty of other ones too.

Some bookies will offer plenty of additional offers on their football related betting opportunities too, so if for example you enjoy placing Acca bets, then look out for those betting sites offering Acca Insurance or Booster Pay-outs.

The latter type of betting bonus will see your winning pay-out being boosted by a percentage of your winning if you manage to correctly predict a certain number of correct results, and Acca Insurance will often see you getting your stake money back, usually as a free bet. when you select five of more football teams but just one of them let you down.

  • Correct Score Betting
  • Accas and Accumulators
  • First and Last Player to Score
  • How Many Red and Yellow Cards
  • Half-Time Full-Time Results
  • Half Time Leader Betting
  • League Winner Betting
  • Each Way League Betting
  • In-Play Betting
  • Both Teams to Score

The bookies that you will need to be signing up to and betting at online or via your mobile devices will always be the ones offering the best odds week in and week out, so be prepared to hunt around for a bookie that does offer just that, such as the one listed below.

Where to Bet on Football

I would urge you to look over the Paddy Power website, if you do fancy betting online on any upcoming football matches leagues or competitions.

The reason for me suggesting you tale a look at and check out that betting site for they are a bookie that is mad on football, as too are their army of odds compilers and marketing staff, which means they are often going to be offering plenty of football related betting offers and deal to their customers.

Thanks to their state of the are betting app and online betting platform you are also going to have access to plenty of in-play betting markets too, and as such you will have the option of being able to carry on betting once a match kicks off.

That to some extremely well thought out football bet consolation bonuses, you could find you sadly placed a winning bet on a footie match but will get your stakes returned to you if something chosen by the Paddy Power team happens in that match.

With plenty of early betting markets going live too you will be pleased to learn you can take early process on tournament and league outright winner betting markets long in advance of them starting too.

Tips for Betting on Football

On each of my individual sports betting guides, you are going to find a range of betting tips, and as sure as night follows days, below are a few tips for placing football related bets that I am sure some of you out there may just find of interest.

Free Football Bets –  Many bookies will offer a free matched bet when you sign up to their online or mobile betting sites, however do make sure you read through the terms and conditions of such bonuses as you may be limited regarding just what you can place your free matched bet on.

Acca Boosters – As many bookies now offer Acca Boosters, consider placing the required number of football tames on any such Accumulators bets you do decide to place, as that way you will see your winning pay-outs being increased in value if your teams all win.

Odds Comparison Sites – To save you having to hunt around at lots of different betting sites and look up each football bet you fancy placing on the betting markets at each site, consider using an odds comparison website, as they will let you type into their search boxes any football match and you will then be presented with the current live odds each bookie is offering on that match, so picking out a bookie offering the very highest odds will be simple to do.

High Cash-Out Limits –  As you could win big, in fact very big on some Acca type football bets, the best bookies to utilize their services of will always be those that have the highest cash-out and pay-out limits, as that way if you do win a mega amount of cash you will be paid out in full and quickly too.

Backing the Underdogs –  When it comes to betting on the underdog to win any upcoming football matches, leagues or even football competitions, keep in mind that users of the Betfair betting change are often going to be offering you some much higher odds than bookies do, so that is where you should always be placing such bets to secure the best possible odds.