Fair Odds Being Offered on the 2019-2020 FA Cup

With the English football season now upon us, you are going to find no shortages of betting opportunities in the weeks and months ahead, but never underestimate the true value that can be secured right now by playing a long term bet on any team that you fancy the chance of winning the FA Cup.

There is no doubt in my mind that no matter which betting site you visit today, you are going to find a long term futures betting markets on offer on the FA Cup for the 2019-2020 season, but not all bookies are rewarding their customers with a fair set of betting odds on each team.

One bookie that is however is Betfred, and today I will be rattling through the teams that are attracting the most support from punters on their betting markets for the FA Cup this season, which is of course a betting market that you may be prepared to make use of.

I should also point out that with Betfred also paying out to two places and at one half of the win odds on each-way bets struck with them on the FA Cup this season, if you prefer placing such a bet then you should be making use of their early odds right now to lock in the very best betting value.

Do You Rate Manchester City?

You may have a love or hate relationship with the Manchester City team, but love them or hate them there is no getting away from the fact that if there is one team likely to win the FA Cup this season is it them, and you can back them early at odds of around the 10/3 mark.

Some of you are also going to have your money on Liverpool to win instead, but if you haven’t yet placed a bet on them to win the FA Cup, then do consider placing such a bet if you do want to back them of course over at Betfred, as by doing so right now you can get odds of 6/1.

Other Bets to Consider Placing

The odds really are going to get much bigger in value the further down you look on the early betting markets on the FA Cup outright winner betting markets and as such if you are much more of the mindset that it is going to be teams like Chelsea, Tottenham and Man Utd that will win you need to act fact to guarantee you can get the overly generous odds of 9/1 being offered on each of those three teams.

As for the chance of teams such as Arsenal well they are available all over the web at plenty of betting site at odds of around the 10/1 mark and you can back either Wolves or Everton at even higher odds of 16/1.

A few other teams that some of you out there may be prepared to back include teams like Leicester at 25/1, West Ham at 28/1 and Newcastle at 33/1, but whether they will win or not does remain to be seen, but their chance so doing so are rather low it does have to be said!