English National League 2019/2020 Betting

Always be prepared to take a look over the very early betting markets on all football leagues, for if you do so you will often spot some interesting and value packed betting opportunities, on both the fancied teams and those that not many punters are backing early.

Long before the English National League season starts, bookies across the globe will make live their early and futures betting markets, and with that in mind below I am going to be looking at the odds attached to each team in that league.

You may be sat there right now wondering why on earth you would back any team before the season starts, for you will be taking risks when backing any team at this early stage of the betting, for any team could lose its way and lose match after match as the season progresses.

But the main advantage of betting nice and early is that the odds attached to any team on the futures and long term betting markets that then go on to win match after match are going to drop quite significantly if they do go on to do so as the season is in play.

You can back any team to win the English National League title by the way or instead you could decide the best course of action is to back a team each-way. When doing so look out for any betting sites that are paying out to three places and paying out one third of the win odds on those three places on the place part of an each-way bet, as that is where the real betting value is to be found.

Smart Money English National League Bets

I wouldn’t say that any of the teams listed on most bookies betting markets for the English National League to win the 2019/20 season jump out and smack you in the face as outstanding betting opportunities, for let’s face it that league isn’t the best one in the world.

However, as sure as night follows day as soon as one seasoned ns all bookies are going to launched and then make live their long-term betting markets for the next season, and most of them have done just that.

As for the team that the majority of bookies odds compilers are convinced or have a sneaking suspicion is going to do well next season and is the one team that has a slightly better chance of winning the league title, well the early favourite to do so is Notts County who are heading the betting right now at odds of 7/1.

Being available at such huge odds all things considered, that does of course mean that if you are prepared to look at some other teams other than the favourite even higher odds are going to be on offer to you, and that is the case with the current early second favourite that team being Chesterfield who look a very fair bet at their current early and futures odds of 8/1.

In fact, that team is not the only second favourite, for there has been something of a flood of bets coming in recently for AFC Fylde, and as such they are also on offer at odds of 8/1, and could be the team to follow in the English National League this upcoming season base don that continued early betting support alone.

Other Teams That May Go on to Win the English National League

Obviously as the football season hasn’t even started yet, you are going to be taking some risks by betting on any teams via the early betting markets, but do keep in mind that any teams that do find their best form are never going to be as high in value on the early betting markets during the season s they will be right now.

Therefore, allow me to move onto presenting to you the name of some other teams that are currently listed higher up rather than lower down most bookies early betting markets on the English National League, and you may be tempted to place a bet on any of the following teams.

They include Wrexham who have to be a fair bet as their current odds of 9/1, and the same could also be said for the likes of both Barnet at 12/1 and Harrogate Town at 14/1, however Solihull Moors and Torquay are also 14/1 shots too so best not to ignore their resistive chances too.

Al Other Teams in the English National League

I will now quickly rattle through each of the other teams that are going to be playing in this upcoming seasons English National League and giving you an overview of just where they each stand regarding the early odds you can secure on each of them right now.

Two teams that have mid-priced odds attached to them are Stockport and Yeovil both of whom are trading at odds of 16/1, and a couple of 20/1 shots that you should never ignore are Bromley and Dag & Red.

Three teams are chalked up and are very easy to back right now at odds of 25/1 are Eastleigh, Hartlepool and Sutton United, but for those of you attracted by teams with some much bigger odds that could also be worth a small each-way bet on, you have both Barrow and Dover at 28/1.

Ebbsfleet United are looking like no hopers based on their current outright win odds of this league which for reference are 33/1 right now, and then you have the 40/1 shots which include Halifax, Woking and Chorley.

Teams that are very hard to make a case for though are Boreham Wood and Maidenhead United both of whom are going to be offered to you at some huge odds of or around the 50/1. And the one team that no one appears to be backing early, and probably not many people will end up backing is of course Aldershot who are the rank outsider at 66/1.