English League 2 2019-2020 Betting

Which team do you think is going to be the champions of the English League 2 in the 2019-2020 season? Well, if you are prepared to take advantage of the odds being offered right now on that league, then you are certainly going to be happy with the odds.

Even though the football season hasn’t started yet, that hasn’t stopped plenty of betting sites, sportsbooks and bookies from opening their futures betting markets on that league, and there are some excellent and standout betting opportunities if you are prepared to back any team right now.

You do have a couple of options available to you however when placing a long term bet on who you think will win the English League 2 title race, for you can of course pick any team you rate to win the title outright, but you will also have the option of placing an each-way bet instead.

When betting each-way you are placing a two in one type of bet, and one half of your bet will cover the team to win that league, and the other half of your bet will be a place bet, and as such you will be paid out a percentage of the win odds if your team finishes, at the end of the season in the top positions of that league too.

Just keep in mind though that the each-way betting terms on the place part of that bet can vary at different bookies sites, and the best terms currently up for grabs will see your each-way place bet being paid out at one quarter of the win odds if your team finishes in first, second or third spot, so only place such a bet at bookies that are offering those generous each-way betting terms.

Salford City and Bradford Leading the Betting

Never underestimate the value to be had by making use of the early and futures betting markets, for there are going to be some much better odds attached to both the fancies football teams and the outsiders when you do make use of them.

As for just which teams are the ones that have been backed to win the English League 2 title race in the 2019/20 season, well there are two teams that are currently heading the betting and the current joint favourites to win, and those teams are Salford City and Bradford whose odds are both 7/1.

The Plymouth team are another team that certainly can play a good game of football when they put their minds to it, and as plenty of punters do feel they have what it takes to win the title this year they are currently being offered at the next team in the betting and are generally available at odds of 9/1.

Moving onto the next team in the betting, that is Scunthorpe, and if you do rate that team’s chances in the upcoming season then now is going to be the right time to put your money down and back them for their odds are just in double digits at 10/1.

A couple of other teams that may just need some luck in playing next season but are two teams that should never be underestimated are Mansfield and Northampton and they can be backed right now at odds of 14/1.

 A Few Value Each-Way Bets

When you are much more interested in backing a team each-way to win or get placed on the English League 2, then you may just be looking for those teams that are available at much higher odds to ensure you get a decent sized winning pay-out if the team you do select does beat the odds and goes on to win or get placed in that league.

Three teams that may just be worth you having a small speculative each-way punt on are Swindon, Walsall and Forest Green and if you do get your stakes on you should easily be able to secure odds as high as 16/1 on any of them right now.

I am also confident that there will be some support for several other teams, maybe not right now but as the starting date to the start of the season gets much closer, and they include Colchester and Leyton Orient who look a fair bet at 20/1, along with Exeter, Carlisle, Port Vale, Oldham and Newport at 25/1 and possibly also Crewe to who are a 28/1 shot.

The Outsiders to Win the English League 2 Title

Whilst any of the above teams could beat the odds and win or come second in the English League 2 next season, there are still plenty of other teams in that league, but the remainder do have no realistic chance of success, if their current odds are to be taken at face value.

However, I am not going to put you off backing any team that you do rate and fancy the chance of, no matter how high their current odds are, for anything is possible in this league as has been proven time and time again over the years.

The last few teams that are playing in the English League 2 next season that are located at the bottom of all bookies betting markets are Stevenage at 33/1, and available at some slightly higher odds of 40/1 are teams such as Grimsby, Cheltenham and Cambridge.

Crawley at 50/1 isn’t going to attract many punters to back them to win or place an each-way bet on them and do keep in mind the users of the Betfair betting exchange will be offering much higher odds than 50/1 on that team do that is where you should be backing them if you do fancy their chances,.

The only other two teams in this league are of course Macclesfield and Morecambe both of which are very, very easy to back right now and are completely friendless in the early betting markets based on the fact that they can be backed at huge odds right now of 66/1