English League 1 2019-2020 Betting

The thing to keep in mind about betting on football, is that it is an all year round activity, and even when for example the English football season has ended, bookies are always going to be offering you odds on the next upcoming season, and the early betting markets are where many punters will head to when they fancy placing some long term football bets.

You will certainly have no difficulties locating an online or mobile betting site that is offering you odds on all teams that are going to be playing in the English League 1 later this year when the season starts, but the odds that will be on offer to you regarding the title race odds will different from bookie to bookie.

Even though the start of the English League 1 season may seem too far away to consider backing a team to win the title this coming season, the odds you will be able to bag right now are certainly going to be rather tempting.

The reason as to why more and more punters do take their chances and bet early on such a betting market is that the odds on offer on all teams can and will be much higher one the early betting markets than they will be when the season starts and several weeks’ worth of matches have been played off, on the teams that are doing well.

So read on to find out the early odds on all teams to win the English League 1 title in 2019-2020 and keep in mind that each-way betting opportunities are available, and most bookies offer one quarter of the win odds to three places as their each-way betting terms on this league too.

Early Favourites to Win the English League 1 Title

The Smart money has already been pouring in for teams such as Sunderland to be crowned the winners of the English League 1 next season, and the sheer volume of wagers that have already been place don that team has seen their outright winner odds shrinking to just 7/2

The next team that has been attracting bits of support here and there early are Ipswich and they have a good chance of winning he league title next year as reflected by their 6/1 odds which makes them the second early favourite on this betting market.

The Portsmouth team can certainly play a good game of football when they put their minds to it collectively, and they are another team that is leading the betting markets and odds of 7/1 are generally available on them.

Double digit odds are what you are going to find on offer on the next few teams on the English League 1 betting markets and the next two teams in the betting are Peterborough and Rotherham who plenty of bookies odds compilers have chosen to attach to them odds of around the 10/1 mark.

I will leave it up to you to try and work out just which team will have the best season in the English League 1 next season, but if you do rate the chances of teams such as Doncaster and Lincoln then odds of 16/1 will be easy to find at plenty of betting sites on both of them.

Risky Bets but Much Higher Odds

There are some teams that some of you out there may be prepared to back, but by doing so you will need to keep in mind that teams such as Burton at 20/1 are going to need all the luck in the world if they are to be crowned the champion team in the English League 1 next season.

Moving onto some of the current 25/1 shots, they are Fleetwood, Oxford, Blackpool, Coventry and MK Dons, and they too are going to need a lot of luck if they are to have a very successful season in 2019/20.

As for just what other teams are being offered in the mid double digit odds range, well you may fancy and rate the chance of teams such as Rochdale and Bristol Rovers and if you are prepared to back them nice and early odds of 33/1 will be coming your way at plenty of betting sites.

Gillingham, AFC Wimbledon and Shrewsbury are next in the betting, but as far as their realistic chance of winning the title next season, well their 40/1 outright winner odds do tell their own story, and I wouldn’t pin my hopes on any of them winning the league title next season.

Tranmere and Southend are also two teams that certainly look up against it next season, but this is football after all and either of them could suddenly find their very best form and if they do and you took the 50/1 on offer then you will certainly be happy with those odds, which will decrease in value if they do get off to a winning start in their first few matches of next season of course.

Outsiders to Win the English League 1 Title

There will be some fans of both Wycombe, Accrington and Bolton that know their teams chance of being crowned the champions of the English League 1 next season are tiny, but will still be prepared to back them, and if that is something that you are prepared to do then you should be able to secure odds right now of at the very least 66/1 on any of those teams that you support.

There is one team currently that is trading at odds in three digits, and there will be no surprises to learn it is Bury who do appear to be friendless in the betting markets at odds of 100/1.

Keep in mind though that you may get much higher odds on any of those four rank outsiders if you head over to the Betfair betting exchange, so do consider popping on over to that peer to peer betting site to see just how high the odds being offered on those four teams by other users of that betting exchange.