English Championship 2019-2020 Betting

I have spent the morning trying to make sense of where the best betting value can be secured on the English Championship 2019-2020 season, for many of our top rated and fully licensed and regulated betting sites already have their early betting markets on that football league live and available.

If you do fancy picking out one or more teams to win that league at the end of the upcoming football season then please do be aware that the current favourite, as you will find out below, is by no stretch of the imagination a red-hot favourite, and as such there is certainly lots of value to be mopped up on any team playing in the English Championship, and by that I mean high odds attached to each of them right now.

You will however also have the option of backing any team each-way in the English Championship title race of 2019/20, and when placing such a bet be aware that some bookies are offering some tempting each-way betting terms to their customers.

The generally available each-way betting terms that I do feel are reasonable for each-way punters are one quarter of the win odds being paid out to three places, so if that is the type of bet you fancy placing on the English Championship then look out for a bookie offering you such terms.

Once the season gets underway of course, you will find the odds that are on offer on the teams that have won their first few matches will get much lower than those offered at this stage of the betting, so bet nice and early is my advice.

Teams Heading the English Championship 2019/20 Betting Markets

It looks like Leeds are the team that most bookies are fearful of this coming season, for they have been chalked up as the current early favourite to win the English Championship title in the 2019/20 season, however they are not by any stretch of the imagination a red-hot favourite seeing as their win odds are 5/1.

Fulham are the second favourite to win the title this upcoming season, and whether they will or not does of course remain to be seen, however if you do rate their chance you will have no problems being able to find and take odds on them doing so of at least 15/2 currently.

Moving onto West Brom, they do have a solid fanbase and plenty of their supporters do have high hopes for them in the 2019/20 season, and to be fair looking at the current 10/1 attached to them they are certainly a value each-way bet for sure, so do keep that in mind.

It is teams such as Cardiff that most punters will be pinning their hopes on, and whilst they may need to up their game somewhat to the form they showed last season, this is football after all and anything is possible, and you will find plenty of betting sites that are prepared to lay you odds right now of around the 11/1 mark.

Another mid-priced team that many punters have an eye on this season is Stoke and the odds that are generally available on them are 12/1, so they could be a team to have a small speculative bet on via the early betting markets.

Choose Any Team You Rate

Luck is going to play a major part on some of the remaining teams playing in the English Champions in the 2019/20 season if they are to make a mark on the league table and finish higher up rather than lower down on it by the end of the season.

Teams such as Middlesbrough are to the ones that do jump out at you via the early betting markets, unless you are an avid fan of that team of course, for their odds at most bookies’ sites are around the 14/1 mark.

A few teams are currently trading at around the 16/1 mar, and they are Brentford, Derby and Huddersfield, but you will have to ask yourself whether any of them do have what it takes to win the league title if you do want to bet on them at those odds.

As for whether Bristol City, Sheff Wed or Nottingham Forest have any realistic hope of winning the league title this year, well when you discover each of those three teams can be backed right now at odds of 20/1 those odds do tell their own story of course.

The odds do of course keep on getting higher and increasing in value the further you look down the early betting markets, and some teams that have only an outsider chance of success in the 2019/20 season include Swansea at 25/1, Preston who are trading currently at odds of 28/1 and Birmingham who are a 33/1 shot.

Teams Very Few Punters are Backing Early

I doubt you are going to be tempted to place a bet on any of the last few remaining teams that will be placing in the English Championship this season, for with Luton, Hull and Blackburn for example at being touted at high odds of 40/1 you are going to be placing your faith in teams that need a massive increase in the form they showed last season.

Reading and QPR are next in the betting and you would have no problems whatsoever being able to bag odds as high as 50/1 on either of them.

I would advise you take a look at a betting exchange if you are interested in backing teams such as Millwall, Charlton or Wigan, and I say that as you are more than likely  going to be offered much higher odds than the 66/1 odds most betting sites are offering on those teams.

The same can also be said of Barnsley, for currently they are the early rank outsider and whilst bookies are offering odds of around the 80/1 mark, you may find plenty of users of a betting exchange that will be prepared to lay you odds of at the very least 100/1 on Barnsley.