EFL Cup 2019/2020 Betting

One thing that will very quickly become very apparent to you when you start betting online or via any type of mobile device via a betting app, is that there will always be a plethora of long-term betting opportunities being made available to you.

Now, as someone that is prepared to place a long term bet on any major upcoming football competition, it is worth noting that the odds being offered long before those competitions start on most of the teams taking part in them will be much higher than they will be once they do get underway.

Today therefore, I am going to be looking at the current state of the long term and futures betting markets on the 2019/2020 ELF Cup, for that is often an overlooked competition, but one in which great betting value will be offered to those punters prepared to place a long term bet on any team or teams they think are going to do well in it.

As for just what betting opportunities are going to be offered to you on the ante post EFL Cup 2019-20, well you can place an outright winner bet right now or opt to place an each-way bet instead.

The terms attached to the most generous of betting sites regarding each-way bets placed on the long term EFL Cup 2019-20 will see your place bet being paid out at half the win odds if your chosen teams finishes that competition in the first or second spot, so avoid betting each-way at any bookies offering terms that are less generous than those.

Best Backed Teams

It isn’t going to surprise you that the current team that is heading the early betting markets for the EFL Cup outright winner in the 2019/20 season is Man City, however what may just surprise you are the huge odds they are being offered at, which for reference are 7/2, and if you are quick and get those odds you will be placing a very well thought out and value based bet too.

As for the second favourite football team to win the EFL Cup in the 2019/20 season, well there are no prizes for guessing that team is of course Liverpool who are a fairly safe bet, that is at their current odds of 8/1.

As for the usual suspects and their respective early odds, well Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham are there for the taking if you do fancy backing them and the odds you will be rewarded with right now can be as high as 10/1, but that is of course dependent on just which betting site you choose to bet at, so do shop around and compare the odds being offered do you at this very early stage of the betting.

Three other teams that I just know some of you out there may be able to back and put your faith in are Arsenal at 12/1 and also Wolves and Everton both of whom can be backed at odds of 14/1.

Mid-Priced Teams to Win the EFL Cup

It will always be on the early and futures betting markets that the odds will be higher on the teams that then go on to have an outstanding season, for when one team does win match after match all bookies will slash their outright winner odds.

With that in mind therefore, if you do want to back teams such as Leicester at 20/1 then do so now, and also keep in mind that you will be able to get odds on West Ham of 25/1 if you are prepared to back them right now too.

As for teams such as Newcastle, well they do look up against it, but there are no shortages of bookies that will be offering you odds on Newcastle to win the EFL Cup in the 2019/20 at odds of 28/1, but if you happen to be a very avid fan of Watford then now is probably going to be the very best and most strategic time to back them as they are trading at decent odds at many bookies sites and those odds for reference are 33/1.

Some other teams that a few of you out there may rate the chances of are Bournemouth, Southampton and Crystal Palace and they are being offered at several bookies sites with odds of 40/1 attached to them.

Teams with Very Little Chance of Success

In this final section of my guide to the early betting on the EFL Cup in 2019/20,I will be looking at the teams with very little chance of winning, and as you are about to find out there are plenty of teams chalked up with massive odds attached to them, which do accurately reflect their respective winning chances of course.

Let’s take the likes of Burnley, Brighton and Aston Villa, they are all on offer at odds of 50/1 and you can get odds as high as 66/1 on teams such as Sheff Utd and Norwich, plus there are loads of 80/1 chances including Leeds, Derby and Fulham.

The odds then start to venture into triple digit territory with teams such as West Brom who are on offer at odds of 100/1m and odds of 125/1 can currently be secured on the early betting market son teams such as Birmingham, Middlesbrough, Huddersfield, Nottingham Forest, stake and Cardiff too.

Brentford along with Bristol City, Swansea, Blackburn, Hull and Sheffield Wednesday, are all 200/1 and then you have plenty of 250/1 shots including teams like Millwall, Luton, Wigan, Charlton, Barnsley, Sunderland, Reading, QPR and Portsmouth.

There are of course loads of other teams that will be taking their chances in the EFL Cup in the 2019/20 season, but rather than back them to win at a standard bookies betting site I just know you are going to be offered much higher odds when you bet with a betting exchange, so if you do fancy any other teams then that is where you should be heading to back them at some higher odds for sure.