Each-Way Bets

You are going to be placing two separate bets via one single bet when placing an Each-Way bet, but the stakes that you place on each part of those two-part bets must be of the same value.

The way in which such bets have been designed and structured is such that the first part of your bet will cover your named selection to win the event you are betting on, which could be one of several different outcomes in a huge range of different sports.

If that bet is a winning one then you are going to be paid out by the bookie you placed an each-way bet at, and the odds you took when placing your bet will determine the value of the winning pay-out along of course with the stake you placed on it.

However, the second part of that bet it going to cover your selection to finish in first place and also a number of other places too, dependent on the each-way betting terms offered do you by the betting site you a placed such a bet at.

For example when betting on some Golf Tournaments, a bookie could be paying out to seven places at let’s say for example is paying out one quarter of the win odds, and as such if your chosen Golfer finishes the tournament in any of the top 7 positions on the leader-board you will be paid out at one quarter of the win odds on the place part of that bet, and also at the full odds on the win part of a bet is that Golfer also won the tournament and finished in first place.

Sports to Place Each-Way Bets On

Betting on for example horse races or greyhound races are often what people will look to do via an each-way bet, however when there are any major competitions, tournaments or league betting markets available on sports such as those listed below plenty of each-way betting opportunities will be on offer to you.

  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Bowls
  • Pool
  • Virtual Sports
  • Superbowl
  • Rugby Union
  • Netball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Badminton

Just be aware that not all bookies are going to be offering you the same each-way betting terms and you should always be on the lookout for those that do pay-out to more places and pay out a higher percentage of the win odds on the place part of such a bet.

Where to Place Each-Way Bets

I will now give you some ideas as to just which betting sites offer some of the best each-way betting terms when punters place each-way bets with them online or via their respective betting apps.

NetBet – NetBet have very quickly established themselves as a first-class betting company and one at which you are always going to have the option of placing each-way bets on many of their live betting markets.

Winner – I would also advise you to look at what the Winner Sportsbook is offering you via their each-way betting opportunities of which they have many on offer day in and day out too.

888Sports – One other betting sites at which you are always guaranteed of finding plenty of each-way betting opportunities and one at which you will have a fully rounded betting experience is over at the 888Sports betting site.