E-Sports Betting Guide

Make no mistake about it, when you do start venturing into the world of online and mobile betting you are going to be amazed at just how many sports are covered by many different betting markets at any betting sites or betting apps you choose to make use of.

One relatively new sport that may or may not have caught your eye and imagination recently is E-Sports, and to some punters of a certain age they are weird and often wacky events in which punters bet on which players of video games are going to win a tournament for example by getting the highest scores on the games they are playing.

But E-Sports and betting on them is something which really is taking off, and you will find plenty of bookies have now chosen to offer all on all such events, but I thinks it’s fair to say you do need to have some idea of the skills required to win such events and tournaments to be bin a position to make some well throughout bets and wagers.

This guide will show you some of the many different bets that can be placed on E-Sports and will also look at several other aspects of betting on any upcoming E-Sports events so please do read on to discover more.

Types of E-Sports Bets You Can Place

Never make the commonly made mistake by punters betting on any upcoming E-Sports events and that is to simply rush to place a bet on any player that you do rate and fancy the chances of, for what you should be doing is taking an initial step back and looking at just what betting opportunities are on offer to you.

I say that for  you are not only going to be able to pick out the outright winner of any such event, but will have the opportunities of placing a very unique range of bets too, and some of the much more unique E-sports betting markets are often where you will finds some much higher and much more appealing betting odds.

  • Fixed Odds Betting
  • In-Play Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Exchange Betting
  • Each-Way Betting
  • Acca Bets
  • Spread Betting
  • Over/Under Betting
  • Prop Bets
  • Match Betting

However, much like when you place a bet on absolutely any sporting event, you are going to find that most bookies will allow you to place some very low stake bets or conversely place some much more hefty and bigger bets, so you can always pick and choose just how much you wager when betting on any E-Sports event.

Where to Bet on E-Sports

It is important that you do a little research as to just where you do set about placing any type of E-Sports related bets online or even on your mobile device, for not all bookies sites and apps are run and operated to the very highest of industry standards.

In fact, it has taken some bookies way too long to actually get around to offering E-Sports betting markets on their sites and apps, and many of them are only going to be offering you a tiny selection of the possible betting markets and betting opportunities on such events.

Therefore, you really do owe it to yourself to sign up to the Cora betting site or download, install and then sign up to their state of the art betting app, for they are a bookie that all punters can rely on to give them a plethora of value packed betting opportunities on all E-Sports events.

Much like each of the many other top rated and fully approved sports betting sites and betting apps, by clicking through to the Coral betting website using the links that you see dotted around on this website, a high valued and very easy to claim welcome bonus which boasts some very favourable terms and conditions will be on offer to you right away.

Tips for Betting on E-Sports

You now do have a decision to make, and that is whether to place bets on E-Sports or not, but if you do set about doing so then make a point of noting each of the following E-Sports betting tips to ensure you have a first class an unsurpassed betting experience when you do so.

Bet Early – When you spot any upcoming E-Sports events that are scheduled to go ahead you will also notice many betting sites will open their long term betting markets on those events and by betting long in advance of any of them starting you can often bag the best valued and highest betting odds.

Savvy Punters Use Bonuses – Bonuses can often be a double edges sword, for you will find all manner or unique betting rules and terms and conditions attached to using and claiming betting bonuses, but those that do offer you a fair chance of winning when using them are the ones that you should be hunting around for, claiming and then using yourself.

Always Shop Around – The only way that you will find the best possible odds on any E-Sports event so of that matter on any type of sporting events and sporting fixtures is by you comparing the odds being offered to you at as many betting sites as you possibly can do.

Cash-Out Winnings Regularly – Whilst you can leave funds in your betting site and betting app accounts, you will always run the very real risk of losing back any winnings that you have achieved when betting on sports such as E-Sports, so get into the habit of withdrawing all winnings once they have been added to your betting account to remove any chance of you losing back those funds.

Apps Make Betting a Breeze – Keep in mind that betting apps are highly advanced these days and they do give you the option of placing a bet no matter where you are or on any sporting event you do fancy placing a bet on, so if you do use a mobile device then download and install an app on it is my advice.