We have taken the decision to have cookies in place here on the website, and as such below you will find the Cookie Policy that we have in place throughout this website, as you are advised to read it through in full.

If you are unfamiliar with what cookies are and what they are used for, then below you will find all of the relevant information, and we will also give you advice on how you can remove any cookies placed upon your device by our server.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are a way for any website operator to monitor just which sections of their website are most popular with website visitors and allow them to concentrate their content writing abilities on the areas of their website and the topics that are most popular with those visitors.

They are a small text file that a server will place onto your computer or mobile device, and as you look around any website, your movement around that website will be tracked.

However, no personal information will be divulged from you to the website operator via such cookies, but they may track the country or area of the world you are visiting a website from and the operating system you are using to visit any website too.

There is no requirement to have to accept cookies, as most web browsers will allow you to turn them off or even delete them, but some sections of this website may not work as they have been designed if you choose not to accept our cookies or choose to delete them at any time.

Why We Use Cookies

We are passionate about supplying the sports betting related news and information that out website visitors are eager to read and have access to, and that is one of the main reasons why we have chosen to use cookies on this website.

Third Party Cookies

What you will also discover when using our website, is that we may make available to you a range of sign up bonuses and other promotional material that our approved and handpicked range of betting sites and betting apps are giving away to new customers.

Cookies are used in such a way that if you to click through to any third party website using any of our website links, the site that you arrive at will know that you have arrived at their website by using our links, and then will be able to make available to you the offers, deals and/or bonuses and any other promotion we have displayed and showcase don this website.

Therefore, if you do intend to make use of any offers you see showcased throughout and upon this website then you should ensure that you accept our cookies to have access to those offers and deals when clicking through our links.

How to Remove Cookies

Many different web browsers will give you an option setting that will not allow cookies to be placed on your device when visiting any website, however as each web browser is different you should familiarise yourself with the options settings to see how you can turn them off and not have them placed onto your device, if that is what you want.

Cookies can also be removed from any device quickly and seamlessly, and as such if you could like to delete any cookies placed onto your device form this website or any others please refer to the option settings attached to your chosen web browser or refer to the help files attached to your web browser.

Just keep in mind thought that as mention up above, some sections of our website may not operate as they have been designed if you choose to delete our cookies or have your web browser set in such a way that it doesn’t accept cookies.

If you do however want to have an unsurpassed and enjoyable website visiting experience when using our website, we would encourage you to accept our cookies and to keep them in place, any additional visits to our website will however see our server or system updating and refreshing the previous cookie placed on your device with a new one, however that is your decision to make.

The Cookies Policy was last updated on the 26th of June 2019