Combination Tricasts Bets

A Tricast bet is one that involves you picking out the horses or greyhounds in any upcoming race that you hope will finish in first, second and third place in the correct order, however as the chance of you picking out the first, second and third placed finishers in any race are low, you can lower the risk of failure on such bets by placing what is known as a Combination Tricast bet.

When doing so you can pick out three or more horses or greyhounds in any one single race, but have them covered in a  series of bets, which will ensure that if the one you do select finish in the top three positions in any race, you will have them covered in every possible permutation.

However, the more runners you select in any race the higher the number of bets you will have to place. If you pick out just three runners for example and perm them all together in a Combination Tricast bet then you will be placing 6 bets in total, and as long as your selections do fill the top three spots you will have them covered by one of those bets.

It will be once a race has been run that the racecourse will then declare a Tricast Dividend, which will be to a £1 stake, and that will be the winning pay-out you will receive, based on the amount you wagered. So, if you placed a 0.10 Combination Tricast bet you will win one tenth of that dividend, but a winning 2.00 Combination Tricast bet will see you winning double the Tricast Dividend and so on.

Sports to Place Combination Tricast Bets On

It is any type of horse or greyhound race that you are going to be able to place a Combination Tricast bet on, and as such the only types of sports that are associated with such bets as those you will find listed below.

  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • Virtual Sports
  • Virtual Racing

Even though the dividend declared at the end of any race for winning Tricast bets is declared to a 1.00 stake you can of course place a bet of any value, based on your own gambling budget and you will be paid out pro rata based on the stake of any such winning bet.

Where to Place Combination Tricast Bets

Plenty of betting sites are going to allow you to place Tricast bets on their online and mobile betting platform and apps such as those listed below for you.

BoyleSports – This betting site does scatter for low to thigh stake punters, and as such you will not have any difficulties placing a bet of any value as one of their customers.

BetHard – More than enough horse and greyhound race meetings are covered by BetHard, and as such you should have more than enough races to pick and choose from when betting with them.

QuinnBet – One other betting site which by the way does have an overly generous sign up welcome bonus right now and is one that accepts every type of Tricast bet is QuinnBet, make sure you do check them out if you haven’t yet opened an account with them.