Combination Forecasts Bets

A Combination Forecast bet is one on which you can pick out three or more greyhounds or horses running in any one single race and have them permed together in such a way that every permutation of your selections finishing in first or second place are covered by such a bet.

Why you would want to place such a bet, is due to the fact that once a race is over, there will be a Straight Forecast dividend and everybody that has placed a winning Straight Forecast bet will be paid out that divided based on the stakes they wagered on that bet

The aim of a Straight Forecast bet is to name in the correct order the horses or greyhounds that finish in first and second place, which is often much easier said than done of course.

However, by placing a Combination Forecast bet you are guaranteed to have won that dividend or a percentage of it is betting less than 1.00 per bet or a multiple of it is you wagered more than 1.00 on your bet if any of the selections you have on your Combination Forecast bet finishes in first or second place.

Sports to Place Combination Forecasts Bets On

The list that you will see located below is going to give you an insight into just which sporting events that you are always going to have the opportunity of placing Combination Straight Forecasts on.

  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • Virtual Sports
  • Virtual Racing

It is up to you whether you stick to placing the standard 1.00 unit stake on any Combination Straight Forecast bet you place but keep in mind that the more selections you place on such a bet the more permutations of first and second places there will be, which will mean you have to pay much more as your total stakes when you have lots of selections named on such a bet.

Where to Place Forecasts Combination Bets

I will leave it up to you do decide if you do fancy placing one or more Forecast Combination bets, but if you do fancy giving them a try then any of the following betting sites are going to allow you to place such bets on both their online betting platform and on their mobile betting apps too.

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888Sports – Another betting sites that I can whole heartedly recommend to all sports bettors is the 888Sports Sportsbook, and thanks to their fast registration system you will soon be placing any bets you like on lien with them and bagging the best odds too.

Betfair – Getting value when you bet is of course important and with the Betfair betting site also offering their own betting exchange you will get the best of both worlds when betting with them either online or on your mobile devices too.