Canadian Bets

Be aware that a Canadian bet can also go by the name of a Super Yankee bet too, however there are no differences what so ever regarding how those two bets have been designed, other that some betting sites and punters choose to call them Canadian bets, whilst some other prefer to call them Super Yankees.

They are a type of bet that are going to be ideal ones to place when you have your eyes set on betting on 5 different sporting events, for by placing a Canadian or Super Yankee bet you can perm together those five selections in a total of 26 bets.

You will also be pleased to learn that there is no set about of cash that you are obliged to use as the unit stake when placing either of those two identical bets, but the unit stake you place on them must be ,multiplied by 26 to ensure you have a stake attached to all 26 of the individual bets a Canadian and Super Yankee bet is made up of.

As for just what bets make up a Canadian bet, well your five selections are going to be permed together in a total of 10 doubles 10 trebles, 5 four-fold bets and one five-fold accumulator, so do keep in mind at the very least two of your selections must win to get a winning pay-out from such bets and if just two selections win then you will have them covered in one double bet, but the more winner you have on your bet the bigger in value the potential winning pay-outs will become.

Sports to Place Canadian Bets On

You may now fancy giving a Canadian or Super Yankee bet a try, but if you do to help you pick out some of the sporting events that you can place those types of bets on, I have listed the top ones below, but there are plenty of other sports you can place such a bet on so always do remember that fact.

  • American Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • eSports
  • Football
  • Gaelic Football
  • Golf
  • Greyhounds

Try and include a good mix of selections on any Canadian or Super Yankee bets you do go on to place, and always pick a bookie offering the very highest possible odds on the sporting event outcome you have chosen to include in such bets too.

Where to Place Canadian Bets

You can of course place bets anywhere you like, but you really do owe it to yourself to check out what each of the following three top rated and fully approved bookies are going to be offering you.

10Bet – It will take you just a minute or so to sign up to the 10Bet betting site and you will be glad you did when you see the high odds that they offer on many of their betting markets.

NetBet – I just know that no matter which sports excite you the most you are always going to find more than enough betting opportunities available over at NetBet.

Winner – I you are seeking out a bookie that offers big bonuses, fast winning pay-outs and a massive array of betting markets then give thee Winner Sportsbook a try today.