Boxing Betting Guide

Boxing is of course one of the many different sports that it is possible to place all manner of weird and wonderful bets on, and to help you make sense of that particular betting environment I have compiled the following guide that will help you get your ahead around them.

What you will often find happens whenever there is a Boxing match scheduled for the future is that one of the Boxers is going to be the red-hot favourite to win the bout, and as such the outright winner betting markets on most matches tend to offer poor betting value.

That is unless of course you fancy the chances of the underdog, and with that in mind I am going to be presenting to you below a range of additional bets associated with that sport that do tend to offer much better odds and more betting opportunities too.

The key to betting the best odds when betting on that sport is of course knowing just which bookies are the ones that tend to offer slightly higher odds and therefore much better betting value, and that is something else that I will be taking a look at throughout this guide also.

Types of Boxing Bets You Can Place

There will always be a very good mix of standard bet types and some much more unique betting opportunities that are only going to be coming your way on Boxing bouts and matches, and this section of my guide to betting on Boxing will give you an overview of just some of the many types of bets you can place.

Now, when you do fancy the chances of any Boxer on any upcoming match, what you should do is to first work out which bet you wish to place on him and then hunt around for a bookie offering you the best odds on the bet type you want to place, and here are just some of the many different boxing related bets you can place.

  • Fight Outright Betting
  • Knockdown Specials
  • Method of Victory
  • Round Betting
  • ​​​​Fight to Go the Distance
  • ​​​​​Futures Betting
  • In-Play Betting
  • Proposition Bets
  • Match Betting

As you will want to ensure that you get the best possible odds on any Boxer then do consider placing a long term futures bet on him, for often it is on those betting markets that bookies do tend to offer some much higher odds than the odds they offer when the match is not that far away.

Where to Bet on Boxing

You may have a take it or leave it approach to betting on Boxing, for sadly what you will often discover when there are any major boxing matches lined up in the days, weeks or even months ahead, the betting markets will not usually offer you any real value.

That is often due to the simple fact that one boxer will be on offer at such short odds on there will be no valued in betting on him to win, however there are some betting sites that are always making a fully concerted effort to offer decent odds on all upcoming boxing matches.

One bookie that I just know you are going to be very impressed with if you do enjoy having the occasional flutter on boxing bouts and boxing matches is the ComeOn sports betting site, and believe me when I tell you they will always offer every type of bet available on all boxing matches.

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Tips for Betting on Boxing

You will quickly master the art of placing bets on Boxing matches and Boxing bouts, but there is an even finer art to getting the ultimate betting value, and I will look at some of the best Boxing tips below so do please take a note of them and put them into play when you next place such a bet.

Plan Your Betting Activities – By planning your betting activities carefully and setting yourself some betting limits you are going to have a much more well-balanced betting experience and just as importantly ones that you can afford too.

Know Your Betting Limits – Sadly for some people when betting on sports such as Boxing, they can get very carried away, and will bet more than they could ever afford to lose on one single betting session. So, one valuable tip is to set your own betting limits and then make sure you always stuck to those betting limits religiously too.

Choose Payment Methods Carefully – As there can be some rather high added costs associated with using some payment methods I would suggest you find one that has no fees or the very least fees attached them using it, and one method that rarely if ever will see you having to pay more than you deposit amount is by using a debit card linked up to your bank account, as your winnings can be paid back to that bank account fee free usually too.

Bet Quickly to Secure the Best Odds – Placing bets rapidly is something that you are going to have to get used to when betting online or via a mobile betting app for in an instant the odds you see being offered to you on Boxing matches, more so the in-play betting markets can change, so do always keep that in mind too and place your bets quickly and with no delays.

Pick a Secure Password– When you do open a betting account either online or via a betting app just make sure that you select a strong password and one that only you will know to save your account from ever getting hacked into.