Betfred Review

Some of you out there may be seeking out brand new sportsbooks and betting sites to sign up to and bet at, and whilst its true to say there are certainly no shortages of them to pick and choose from, most punters want to bet with a bookie that is long established and has a solid track record.

With that thought in the forefront of your mind, I would like to introduce to you the biggest independent bookmaker in the UK, that being Betfred, for I seriously think that you are going to be very hard-pressed to find a much longer established betting site and one that comes with the rock-solid reputation that BetFred has.

That bookmaker did launch their online betting site and their mobile betting app several years ago, and they have gone from strength to strength and are a major force in both online and mobile gaming now, for they also own and operate several other gambling sites, such as a bingo, poker and online casino site too, and are one of our top rated betting sites.

Sign-Up Bonus

Having signed up to the Betfred betting site and have claimed their welcome bonus too, I am happy to let you know the entire registration procedure and claiming the welcome bonus offer was quick and completely hassle free.

As you take a look around this website you will finds several links to the Betfred sportsbook, and you will need to click through any of those links to be in a position to claim the sign up bonus you see displayed on this website.

BetFred have made a real and very concerted effort to ensure that welcome bonus comes with the fairest set of terms and conditions, and as such it does offer all sports bettors plenty of value.

Plus, another thing you are going to love about Betfred is their constant stream of ongoing betting offers, each of which you will find listed upon their website, and they too, much like the sign-up welcome bonus offer come with clear-cut terms and conditions.

Those going offers and deals do take many different forms too, so do make sure that you do checkout their website for more details and to find out just what else you are going to be able to claim as one of their new customers.

Lottery Betting

Make no mistake about is, whatever you do fancy betting on you are going to be guaranteed of finding BetFred will be offering you plenty of different betting markets and betting opportunities on all sporting events.

However, one popular and very unique aspect of their betting site is that they have a huge range of betting markets available on lotteries held across the globe, so if you do ever fancy placing a bet on any worldwide lottery then BetFred is the betting site to head to.

The odds attached to each number grouping are often way higher at this betting site than all others, and that will ensure that you are always going to get the maximum winning pay-out when placing a winning lottery related bet.

As for unique betting opportunities and consolation bets, well you will only have to take a look over their website to see why they are one of the biggest bookies in the UK and why they do have a huge number of repeat customers using both their online betting platform and their mobile betting app day in day out, so make sure that is something you do.

Unique Features

It is always worth knowing just what is unique about any betting site, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to bother signing up to any betting site, and with that in mind below you will find several stand out features and benefit of betting with BetFred.

Betting Shops – Being an independent betting shop operator, you always do have the added advantage of being able to wander into any BetFred betting hop and placing your bets over the counter in the old fashioned way, however it is much easier to bet online with them, so do keep that in mind.

Advanced Betting App – Most punters these days now use their smart phones as the way that they place bets and wagers on any sporting events, and you really are going to be very impressed by the advanced betting app offered by BetFred, which will allow you to place any type of sports related bets in just a couple of taps of your mobile phones screen.

High Pay-Out Limits – You may be a small stake punters or like to bet for some very high stakes, but either way you are always going to want to bet with a bookie that will have some huge cash-out and pay-out limits and that is exactly what you are going to find this bookie does, so if you ever do win big then receiving your winnings wont ever be a problem.

Plenty of Bonuses – With the nickname the Bonus King, it does of course go without saying that you will always find plenty of promotional offers being offered by this betting site, and it will certainly be worth your time and effort taking a look at just what offers and deals are available on any day of the week you do fancy placing a bet, as you will always find plenty of them on offer.

Major Sponsor – BetFred are the main sponsor of a very large and very diverse range of different sporting events and sporting fixtures, and as such if you do ever want to place a bet on any event being sponsored by BetFred then you will often find they lead the way regarding the odds they are offering on those events, which will often be way higher than all other bookies odds.

Multiple Deposit Options – One final benefit of betting with Betfred is that they do tend to offer a very large range of different deposit options, so funding and topping up your betting account with them will never pose any problems.