Betfair is a unique betting site for whilst they do offer a standard type of betting platform , they also offer what is known as a peer to peer betting exchange, and as such when using it you will not be placing bets with Betfair directly, but will be placing bets and taking odds offered by other users of that betting exchange.

Betfair make their money however by taking a small commission from winning customers, and as such if you place a bet and it wins then you will be charged that small commission when your winnings are added to your account.

You can of course lay bets from other users of that betting exchange too, and once again if you lay any bets and they lose for those other users, meaning you win then you will be charged a commission out of your winnings.

Keep in mind though that when laying bets from other punters you will have to have enough funds in your Betfair account to over your potential liabilities, however it is certainly an interesting way to make money from your knowledge of any sport and from gambling by becoming for all intents and purposes a bookmaker yourself.

Sign-Up Bonus

As with every single one of our featured betting sites, there is a welcome bonus offer readily available to you if you make the decision to sign up to Betfair, and the way you can claim that bonus and get it credited to your account is straight forward enough.

You will however need to click onto our Betfair links, as that way they will know that you arrived at their site from ours and can have that sign up bonus ready and waiting for you when you fill in their registration form and then log into your account.

Keep in mind that the art to securing only the most generous of sign up bonuses is reading through all of the terms and conditions to ensure they are designed to give you some value, and that I am pleased to let you know is what you will discover when you make use of their sign up bonus.

Whilst Betfair are not that big on offering a lot of ongoing promotional offers to their betting exchange users, that will be offset by the much higher odds you are often going to be able to secure when using it.

Greyhound Betting

It can be hard enough these days trying to find a bookie that is offering you a betting market on greyhound races, let alone offering you anything like decent odds on the greyhounds that you fancy backing in any upcoming races.

However, I do feel that by making the wise decision of signing up to the Betfair betting exchange you really are going to be in a position to secure the best possible odds on such races, and will of course also be able to offer your own set of odds on any greyhounds that you feel have no chance what so ever of winning any race they have been entered in.

One thing to note however about the betting markets on Betfair for greyhound races is that whilst they do go live long before any race actually starts, it is only in the final minutes before a race starts that they tend to get any volume of bets being offered on them

But once you do see just how higher in value the odds are on Betfair when compared with a standard bookies site you will only ever want to place your bets on their betting change, so make sure you do check out those betting markets sooner rather than later is my advice.

Unique Features

If you like the sound of using Betfair as either a way to place bets or lay bets, then you can sign up in a minute or so, but below you will find several of the standout reasons why I think you may just enjoy doing just that, so read on to help you make an informed decision as to whether to give them a try.

Lower Over-Round – Thanks to the tiny over-rounds that are in place on all betting markets then you will always have the peace of mind in knowing you are getting access to the very highest odds on whatever it is you fancy placing a bet on at Betfair.

All Sports Covered – Every single sport category is going to have at the very least one betting markets on offer at Betfair, however it will often be the case that all major sporting events are going to see many different betting markets being offered to you.

Lay or Back – You can be a backer or a layer at Betfair or both, and many users of that betting exchange do tend to switch between the two whenever they are in a betting frame of mind.

High Trading Volumes – Being by far and away the largest betting exchange on the planet, you are always going to finds some huge trading volumes are available on all of their betting markets which will ensure you are always able to secure the best odds at any time.

Bets Settled Instantly – All bets, both winning ones and losing ones are going to be settled instantly once the results of any sporting events are known, so no delays will be experienced by you regarding waiting for your winnings to hit your Betfair account.

Multiple Training Guides – If you haven’t yet got your head around the finer points of how the betting exchange at Betfair works, then my advice would be for you to make use of their many free trading guides which you will have access to on their website.

User Forum – Betfair also offer their users a forum in which they can discuss all manner of different betting related topics, and as such you are going to be able to get trading tips and interact with other users of the Betfair betting exchange when you make use of that message forum.