About Us

Apex Betting Sites is the result of four UK guys’ dream of “beating the bookies” !  We have many years experience in online gambling, both Sports Betting and Casino, including Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and much more! I guess we could be classed as Expert Gamblers. Having said that, we do not make any grand or outrageous claims about the www.apexbettingsites.com website.

The main purpose of us setting up and launching this website, is to furnish our users with lots of factual and hopefully informative guides, articles, reviews and news stories. All relating to sports betting and sports betting sites and betting apps.

With more and more people now using their computers, laptops and mobile devices to access gambling related websites and apps, as opposed to them visiting land-based betting shops and sportsbooks, punters need to know just where they can bet in a safe and secure environment.

Having access to the very latest betting news related to sporting events held all over the world is also important, if any sports bettor wants to have the very best chances of placing winning bets.

Please read on to find out just what is on offer throughout this website, as we have put a lot of hard work into the design of this website and all the content found upon it, and constantly update the written content daily too.

Where to Bet

There are of course many different factors that you should consider when you are looking or an online betting site or mobile betting app to place your bets at or on.

To ensure that we only showcase to you the very best run and operated betting sites and betting apps, what you will find is that the ones mentioned and linked into this website all hold a full and valid gambling license.

As such, each of them has been fully vetted by at least one Gambling Commission or Gaming Authority to ensure that they are operated to the very highest of industry standards and that they are financially sound too.

Just keep in mind though that you will need to be at the very least the minimum legal age to gamble in the country in which you reside to be able to gamble online or on a mobile device, and each betting site and betting app ,may have a list of restricted countries and/or territories that they may not accept bets and wagers from.

You are strongly advised to ensure that any betting site or betting app you to make use of is licensed in the country in which you live, as that way you will have the backing and support of that Gambling Commission or Gaming Authority if you do run into or experience any problems.

Types of Sports Bets and Wagers

Trying to make sense of and keep up with the many different types of sports related bets and wagers that you can place these days can be quite difficult, for many betting sites operators and odds compilers are constantly dreaming up a range of unique and never seen before bet types.

Therefore, one thing that you are going to find very handy and informative is our range of bet and wager type guides, and those guides will enlighten you on how every single type of bet and wager that you can place on a range of different sporting events work and operate and how each of them have been designed too.

It can be and often is the case however, that one type of bet will be much better to place on certain sporting events for many of them offer pay-out bonuses or odds boosters to sports bettors.

So please do ensure that you set aside as much time as you possibly can do to read through and make use of those bet and wager type guides, for you never know one day by knowing the difference between each bet you may place one specific type of bet that give you much high value winning pay-out or even offers you money back type of consolation bonus if your bet loses!!

Latest Betting News Stories

We do update this website as often as we possibly can do, often several times a day with all the very latest and up to the minute sports betting related news stories.

Therefore, if you are an avid sports bettor that likes to keep your finger on the pulse so to speak of all that is happening in the world of sports betting, then do feel free to bookmark our website and check back as often as you can do, at least once per day.