Some companies that are involved with online betting have been in business for many, many years and also own and operate a range of additional gambling sites too.

It was their online casino site that 888 first launched and that quickly became one of the most played at online casinos not long after it launched and still is a huge popular casino site even to this day.

However, they did also venture into the online and mobile betting environments too with the launch of their 88Sports betting site and app, and much like their online casino site that betting site has become one of the most popular ones anywhere in the world.

As such I have no hesitation what so ever giving them a top rating, and to help you get a much clearer understanding of just what they are going to be offering you as one of their customers if you do decide to give them a  try you will find a comprehensive and very detailed review of the 88Sports betting site, so please do read on to discover whether they are the betting site for you, which I am sure they are by the way.

Sign-Up Bonus

If there is one thing that is going to force your hand when it comes to signing up to any betting site, it will be the size of their sign up welcome bonus offer, and there are certainly going to be plenty of them waiting to be mopped up when you first start betting online.

However, you will never want to take advantage of a poorly designed welcome offer that doesn’t give you  fair chance of winning and coming out ahead when signing up to any betting site, and as such please do take a look over the very liberal and fair terms and conditions attached to the welcome bonus offer that is available at 888Sports.

To be in a position to read through those terms and conditions and also take advantage of that bonus offer when you first log into your 888Sports betting account, what you will need to do is to simply clam through to their website using any of the links found displayed on his website.

You will so find plenty of ongoing bonuses and promotional offers will be available to you if you choose to bet with 888Sports regularly, so do keep that in mind, as there are load of ways to lock in the absolute maximum betting value.

Ice Hockey Betting

Knowing in advance just which betting sites are going to be offering a wide and very diverse range of different betting markets, but on the sports you wish to bet on is important, for picking out a bookie that doesn’t offer a very wide spread of betting markets on the sports you wish to bet on will be a waste of time, and could cost you dearly too.

Therefore make sure you take a look at the 888Sports betting site, for they are famed for offering odds son all sports and one sport that could be of interest to you is Ice Hockey, and if so you really are going to be spoiled for choice regarding the betting markets that they will be offering you on all Ice Hockey matches leagues and tournaments.

With that in mind do consider checking out their betting site sooner rather than later, as I can guarantee you that you will be very impressed by the sheer number of betting markets on all sports that you will find they have on offer when you do just that, and they do offer some of the very highest odds in the industry too.

Unique Features

There really is a lot to like about the 888Sports betting site, however I do want you to make an informed decision as to whether they are worthy of your custom and betting action, and with that in mind here are some more unique and standout features of that bookie.

Fast Account Verification – There are going to be no delays experienced when you are required to get your 888Sports account fully verified, which all new customers must do, for that bookies does have a streamlined system in place to ensure that you can get your account fully verified rapidly.

User-Friendly Betting Platform – The betting platform at 888Sports has been evolving over the many years that they have been in business, and as such you are going to find it is highly advanced and very user-friendly and comes with lots of built in features and option settings too.

Mobile Betting App – Whilst the online betting platform on offer at this betting site is of course vey highly advanced and very easy to make use of, they do also offer all of their customers the option of using a highly advanced mobile betting app too, that app is free to download and is going to give you access to just as many different betting markets and betting opportunities as their online betting platform, so you will not be making any compromises when using it.

Lots of Payment Options – You can deposit funds into your account with 888Sports quickly and with the minimum of fuss and effort and they do also pay-out their winning customers in a  timely fashion too, there are lots of different payment methods to choose from so you are guaranteed of finding several of them that will suit you down to the ground.

First Class Support Service – By clicking onto the customer support chat launch button when logged into your 888Sports account you are going to have instant access to their support team members, and their support service is offered 24 hours a day seven days a week too.

All Sports Covered – One final thing you will appreciate about this betting site is that they do cover every possible sporting event, and as such you are certainly never going to go short when it comes to placing a bet on any sporting event you want to have a financial interest in.